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Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean October 1st 2018

If we have counted correctly, today is Monday and is the first day of the week for most people. For cruisers, we do not keep track of the day of the week but instead of the location in the itinerary. Anyway, we are at sea in the Mediterranean and the temperature has been about 70 most of the day with occasional overcast. The sea has been fairly smooth with just mild swells. This is good because Janet has been doing without her seasick patch for a couple of days and has managed pretty well. The real test will be when we get back into the Atlantic or the English Channel, but she has done pretty well today. We got up about 8:45 and planned our activities. We decided to trade out excursion tickets in the next ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean September 28th 2018

Hello Everyone. Let’s start with the good news we’ve been waiting to receive. We finally got the message that our granddaughter (Tessa Brink) had successful surgery on her arm to insert a couple of long nails to align the two bones she broke in her right arm almost 2 weeks ago. The doctors have been waiting for the swelling to subside so they could set the bones properly and she is doing fine. In 2 more weeks she will need more work, but not to worry. She will stay overnight in the hospital, but Valerie will stay with her and they should both go home tomorrow. We are really relieved this is done and that all went well. Now for the bad news. Janet has relapsed into having more stomach distress and had a rough night ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean September 26th 2018

Hello from the Mediterranean Sea. We went through the Straights of Gibraltar in the middle of the night and all day we have been sailing through the Med. David actually got up at 2:00 this morning to see if there was anything visible in the moonlight. What he found was that the wind was howling and he barely opened the balcony door before closing it again and going back to bed. So we will hope to have a better viewing opportunity when we sail back out later in the cruise. We slept until the alarm went off at 7:30. That gave us enough time to get up and dressed before we went to have a nice breakfast in the dining room. Janet had bacon & eggs while David had the lumberjack breakfast (steak & eggs). That ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean April 13th 2017

We woke up to more fog this morning. It was very bleak to say the least. We took a couple of looks at the posh deck, but each time we decided that it was too cold to sunbathe. We did stop for a drink each time though as this was our last chance to use this. It also provided us with a chance to appropriately tip the three barmen that have been looking after us for three weeks now. We have one more speciality meal left of the six included in our cruise package. After breakfast, we enquired about going to Cagney’s again this evening, but were told that there was a waiting list of five people. We added our names to the list, but really were not hopeful of getting a reasonable timed table. Later ... read more
Fog from the balcony
It´s cold out there

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Alboran Sea October 31st 2016

Up at the crack of dawn to go and secure sunbeds in the so called ‘quiet area’ which Alex discovered had nice sunbeds at the front of the ship. Got there at 08.30 to find it didn’t open until 09.30 so messaged Alex in the room to hurry and come up to the buffet for breakfast. Enjoyed a nice. ‘trying to be healthy and not put back on the 3 kilos I lost’ type breakfast! Spent the morning in the quiet area which ended up far from quiet as the ‘Cruise Next’ folk were still kicking off over their non-existent drinks packages! Popped down to switch the credit card we use for onboard credit as preferred to use a more dollar-friendly one and found the guest services area rammed with the ‘Cruise First’ guests with the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean October 8th 2016

Today is full day at sea as the ship heads for Naples. It is a blessed chance to relax, recharge batteries, and to play catch-up on the accursed blog. Yet another beautiful day. Now in the open sea, the ship is rolling somewhat. We eat at the Pinnacle Grill, the boat's premium restaurant, for lunch. It is very good. The server recommends the hamburger, weirdly enough, so I shrug my shoulders and order it. It is absolutely huge, at least a pound of meat, delicious but extremely messy. So I find myself sitting in a fancy restaurant with white linen everything and the server wearing white gloves, and here I am with my mouth forced open as wide as possible and juices running down my face into my beard. We have signed up for a wine ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Adriatic Sea September 29th 2016

A full day at sea. My goal today is to catch up on the accursed blog. Another beautiful day. The sea is very calm. Unless you look out a window, you might forget you're under way. I was gazing at the ocean at one point, thinking that these are basically the same waters that desperate refugees with nothing are trying to cross in pursuit of a new life, while we sit here in luxury sipping our cappuccinos. In the lottery of life, we won big time. We attend seminars on upcoming ports and on "future" cruises. We explore the ship, trying to orient ourselves and to commit to memory the important locations. We would not enjoy a larger ship, that's for sure. Tonight is a formal night for supper. We bedeck ourselves in our finest and ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Balearic Sea September 22nd 2016

Night 11 – The Chef’s Table Last night I had the pleasure in eating at ‘The Chef’s Table’, an experience offer by Carnival Cruises. This is offered each night, but only for about 14 people at a time. It was superb. We were met in the lobby by Chef Plato. The experience began in a small part of the galley, set up with a place for us all for champagne and tasting experiences. These included local olives with and without local parmesan cheese, then for a real taste sensation, the Chef wound delicate strands of fairy floss around an olive on a skewer, the resultant taste was as interesting for the texture as well as the taste. He then gave us a tiny morsel in a black spoon that was a combination of a few things ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Sea of Crete September 16th 2016

Day 6 Started the day confused as to what time it was because I wasn’t sure if my phone and lappy had automatically gone back one hour to agree with Malta, but they hadn’t. That was just as well as I had a meeting with a cat at 8.30. At Olivia’s insistence, I did the Dr Suess breakfast. I sent her photos and I get the response: OMG YOU MET THE CAT IN THE HAT!!!!!! I passed on the green eggs and ham….. (a little too bright green for my liking) and went for the safer red and white stack (hat) of pancakes. There was an ice sculpture of the Cat himself and appearances by him, thing one and two and a yellow fluffy ‘thing’. That crossed off the list of things to do, I made ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Aegean Sea September 14th 2016

Day 4 Today we were supposed to go to Turkey, but it seems that the US State Dept didn’t think it was a good idea….. so we have a day at sea. After a bit a sleep in and a shower and a search for a hair dryer (which for the viewers at home, was found in the desk drawer after I came back from brunch.) This trip is all about pushing myself to do things the me of five years ago wouldn’t. So I have decided to try new foods as well as the other more obvious ground breaking moves. Having ordered a side order of ‘cheese grits’ to accompany my Eggs Benedict, I now have the knowledge to confidently say that ‘cheese grits’ are not to my taste and I will not be ordering ... read more

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