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October 31st 2016
Published: November 2nd 2016
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Up at the crack of dawn to go and secure sunbeds in the so called ‘quiet area’ which Alex discovered had nice sunbeds at the front of the ship.

Got there at 08.30 to find it didn’t open until 09.30 so messaged Alex in the room to hurry and come up to the buffet for breakfast.

Enjoyed a nice. ‘trying to be healthy and not put back on the 3 kilos I lost’ type breakfast!

Spent the morning in the quiet area which ended up far from quiet as the ‘Cruise Next’ folk were still kicking off over their non-existent drinks packages!

Popped down to switch the credit card we use for onboard credit as preferred to use a more dollar-friendly one and found the guest services area rammed with the ‘Cruise First’ guests with the problem not resolved.

Went back to the room and found the message light on the phone flashing, listened to the message and it was the lovely May from guest services on behalf of Richard the hotel director acknowledging my comment form and apologising, AND saying we could go and collect passes for the VIP area as we were loyal guests!!

Ran down there without using the elevator, collected our passes and all was well with the world!!

Decided to wait until the next day to make our appearance and headed to the gym for a good pre-dinner workout.

Went up on deck as we passed through the straights of Gibraltar which was quite a spectacular sight.

Dressed for dinner, had drinks in the shakers bar with a nice older gent from the Bahamas by way of Miami who we met in Southampton port on last year’s cruise. He introduced us to his, kind of younger, dripping in gold, vivacious new Brazilian wife, she was actually really nice.

We had our Cirque de Soleil booked with dinner so headed to the venue and were seated with a nice couple who live in Estepona, don’t ask me their names, I will find out before the end of the cruise!

Food was delish, show was really amazing, the Russian acrobats did things which defied nature and their fitness levels and physique made us wish we had skipped dessert!

We laughed in relief when the master of ceremonies got a few audience members up to the floor…until, I felt a hand on my arm and before I could say stage fright, was dragged onto the floor along with three other unsuspecting individuals to help perform a comedy bell ringing sketch!

The massive brass bells were so heavy and the idea was to lift them in the air and jingle them on cue. My main thought was thank God I was wearing sleeves and had been to the gym so the poor people on the table nearby weren’t knocked out by flailing bingo wings!

It is a small intimate venue and I could see Alex out of the corner of my eye barely managing to contain himself.

Anyway it was all good fun and for the rest of the evening I received spontaneous rounds of applause by jolly Americans as I wandered round the ship!

After the show we headed to the piano bar where we found most of the non-drinks-package people, clearly drinking anyway and enjoyed watching them dancing and singing to some old favourites, until…jeez what perfume was I wearing…some of the ‘Dad types’ dragged me up to dance in a group hug slow dance to Robbie Williams’ Angels.

Escaped to the H20 bar where the Halloween party was going on and watched the costume competition before heading back to the cabin and leaving Alex to have a flutter in the casino.

Managed to get back to the cabin without being roped into joining in with anything and our lovely cabin guy had made a cute boxer dog towel animal! How did he guess.


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