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February 17th 2016
Published: February 25th 2016
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Wednesday 17th February, 2016. Cruising the Atlantic Ocean

We wiled away the time reading and doing puzzles (M didn't fancy making a cushion!). After lunch we sat at the bar on deck and continued with our books or puzzles while we waited for the Captain to announce that we were going to cross the equator and enter the Northern Hemisphere again. The five minute warning was given and at about 4.15 pm Sandra took some photos of us together as we crossed. M reciprocated for them. John quietly invited us to a performance by the passenger musical theatre group that he had arranged for 7.00 tonight as a surprise for Sandra to celebrate their 47th Wedding Anniversary. It was also Sandra's birthday.

After we crossed the line the Equator Olympic Games began by the pool. This was a bit of fun that was intended to take place in the pool but the sea was too rough and it was roped off with a big net. So the games took place on deck. Passengers V Entertainment Team. The first game was the T Shirt Relay which the Entertainers won. Second was balloons under the chin won by the Passengers. Next was holding a full bucket of water with arms extended. The idea was to see who could last the longest. This was done one at a time. First Claudia went for the Entertainers - she lasted over 50 seconds! M commented that she would "certainly feel it tomorrow". Passengers next - lasted longer but the arms were bent! The last game was the funniest and was demonstrated by Ross before the competitors took part. A full bottle of water is placed between the thighs and the top removed, the competitor then runs from the back of the ship (well waddles with the bottle between the legs) until they reach a fellow team member with a bucket. Without using hands the contents of the bottle are spilled into the bucket. The winner is the team who gets the most water in the bucket. The Passengers won this too but it was hilarious to watch.

We changed for dinner earlier than ususal and went to reception to await the arrival of John and Sandra. The musical theatre group were already in position on the stairs with Katie and Claudia and even the Captain. At 7.15 they arrived. Sandra was completely stunned at the whole thing and became a little tearful. The group sang 3 songs and then Happy Birthday. After dinner Pam and Stewart went to the Stand Up show with Pauline Daniels. We went to the Karaoke Night where D (or El David as Mitch calls him) performed "Love Potion Number 9" and "Beyond the Sea". He received another ovation, but Danny (the DJ) reckoned he should have held the microphone closer for the second song (M said the same) - but he was very good indeed.

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