Cruising the Atlantic Ocean En Route to Cabo Verde

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January 12th 2016
Published: January 13th 2016
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Tuesday January 12th, 2016. Cruising the Atlantic Ocean En Route to Cabo Verde

After a posh breakfast M went to craft with Barbara (who was on the Van Gogh World Cruise) and made a "Lace Card". At 11 am we went to see Clive's lecture on "Cape Verde, Slaves, Wavesand Busted Dreams". This was very interesting. The last time we were in Cabo Verde there were hundreds of real estate sales people trying to flog holiday homes as an alternative, cheaper destination than the Caribbean. Seems that this didn't take off - hence the Busted in the lecture title. A spanking new road has been build from nowhere to nowhere with the expectation that all these flash villas would be built but none have materialised and many prospective owners had their fingers burned with this investment. After the lecture we thought we would go to the Captain's Club to see what the Murder on the Marco Polo Game was all about. It wasn't for us but it was quite interesting listening to the rules, watching people have their photo taken and signing up. The idea is that the competitors have a week to murder each other. Initially everyone is given a photo of someone to murder. There are 3 ways to murder someone - kiss on both cheeks, sticker on the bottom of a drink which has to be drunk out of or a photo of murderer and victim with murderer's fingers making a trigger gesture at them. When you murder someone you get their photo (which they have to sign) and also the photo of their intended victim which you now have to target. If you get murdered you are out and have to pass on the yourself and the photos of any people you have murdered to your murderer who now pursues your next intended victim. Clear??? Murders can only take place on board but we didn't fancy having to watch our drinks, people out to kiss us or take photos pointing triggers - so didn't sign up.

After a good lunch (yes really) we went to the Photography Lecture which was on "Photographing Nature". M spent some of the afternoon writing the blogs and doing puzzles while D read the book that Ellie and James gave him for Christmas. At 3.30 we went to the photography lecture which was on photographing nature. We picked up a few tricks and M may have got to the bottom of why her X10 keeps switching to take multiple shots. John Riley was very impressed with the X10 and said he had thought of getting one himself (M was chuffed as it was quite an expensive thing).

Dinner (revolting) with Pam and Stewart was followed by the show which was a jazz type affair by the Marco Polo Orchestra. D loved it but M wasn't impressed. We followed this by going with Pam to the Scott's Bar for the "Back to Bacharach" performance by the resident show group. They were singing songs produced by the legendary Burt Bacharach. Each of the show singers took it in turns to perform. This was the worst performance we had seen by this talented group. They were all off key and it was more like a kareoke show than a performance by professionals. M and D stayed for the disco as we have an extra hour in bed tonight as the clocks go back. Tomorrow we arrive in Cabo Verde.

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