Six of Diamonds

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May 5th 2013
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Up at 8:10. Ken got our lattes and croissants and we sat on the balcony. The sky is very cloudy and it is a lot cooler.....58 degrees....brrrr. I think our weather is going to be different now as we head north. 3226 nautical miles since we left Ft Lauderdale and 324 more miles to reach Dublin. We walked on deck 7 and then went up for an egg on toast. We looked at the photos that the photographers on the ship have taken. We bought our Embarkation one-pretty good. One night they took single shots of us at dinner. We found ours-not bad; two photos down from Ken's was an elderly man that could pass for his dad!! He is adopted so you never know!

We went back to the room and read for a couple hours. I wish it was storming! It's cloudy and spitting rain so I'd prefer to snuggle up in our bed with a raging storm!

Before we knew it Annie and Bobbie were knocking on the door so we could discuss dinner plans. They decided to go downstairs to check out the menu in the dining room. They came back and we decided to go to our 5:30 seating: sea scallop appetizer, steak Diane, pork tenderloin, apple pie. After dinner we went to the show: Comedy and Magic: Dain Cordean. We were a few minutes late so we grabbed 4 seats in the front row. Don't do that if you don't want to risk being part of the show. He called me out for a card trick (I picked 6 of Diamonds), which was fun (at least I didn't have to go up on stage). He was really funny. I gave him a hug and his sweat saturated the right side of my face! Annie said I'll be on the cruise tv tomorrow when they replay the show. Oh geeez!

Afterwards we were walking through the Piazza and there was a juggler. He was pretty good-able to juggle 5 balls at one time.

We showed Annie and Bobbie the photos of Ken and the guy that looked like him and they said it was kind of stunning. Annie said to write a note on it...Ken said what should I say: "have you ever been in West Virginia?"

We said goodnight and read our books.


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