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October 30th 2018
Published: October 31st 2018
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Susan all dressed upSusan all dressed upSusan all dressed up

I think she looks great with her hair up. Tons of bobby pins somewhere back in there!
October 30, only a few hundred miles southwest of Ireland.

1210 p.m.

Rather a late night last night as I did not send off my report to you until after midnight. Turns out that Sharon and Grita were interested in trying our champagne cocktail after dinner. They quite liked it.

As nearly as I can remember.

Peter and Mary took the night off from us and we believe they had reservations at the Veranda steakhouse for an added cost gourmet meal. Imagine abandoning us for that. Huh.

Yesterday was quite remarkably idle. Consuming champagne seems to have taken up an inordinate amount of time. Ain’t that a helluva declaration.

So some random notes. “The Canadian”. Every night we receive a copy of the ship’s schedule for the next day, along with a glossy insert (mostly advertising for things sold on the ship) and a photocopied four page “newspaper” with stories targeted at each nationality on board. Ours is called “The Canadian.”Whoever is providing the copy for it must be desperate. Monday’s big story was the synagogue killing in Pittsburgh. Okay, not in Canada, but the top news story in the western world.

Next on the front page is Canadian official reaction to the shootings. Yeah, that’s Canadian. Then Red Sox beat Dodgers. Um. Harry and Meghan arrive in New Zealand. Um, again.

Guess nothing happened in the frozen North. Well, perhaps pages two and three will show how exciting and newsworthy our country is. Or not. Lessee, how about a recall of Jane’s Chicken Burgers? Riveting. I can hardly wait for the video. A report of Brian Mason’s farewell speech to the Alberta NDP caucus? Seriously?

Okay, maybe page 3? Ah, that’s better. The lead story on page three is . . . ., oh . . . Recount in the mayoral election in Peachland, B.C., where the two leading candidates each polled 804 votes. Next is, and I quote the headline, “Rare Snake Under Threat.” Seems that the brown snake is found only in the Montreal area and they have built some shelters from which the poor creatures can sneak out and eat slugs, snails and earthworms.

I guess that’s nice in an ucky, sort of a biology class kind of way. At the risk of sounding insensitive (Aw, go on, lad, live a little!!) I have to say it won’t keep me up at night worrying. Perhaps it’s just as well. Apparently we left the country in safe, if dull, hands!

So what about the advertising insert? Any great bargains? What have we here . . . . There is a fine wine seminar, Great Cabernet’s of the World. A mere $120 per person. Perhaps not.

What about at the Canyon Ranch Spa? Reduced rate on the vitamin infusion facial, a mere $169 for 50 minutes. No-o-o-o . . . Ah, here we go:

“Time to Shine,” it says. “Exfoliate, tone and come alive with an intensely vitalising black olive and coffee scrub , then melt away your tensions with a . . .”

Wait a minute. That can’t be right. Let’s check the price. “60 minutes, $159 (saving $100)”! Holy cow. A rubdown with leftovers for $260 American? Yikes.

That would account for the wording of the rest of the sentence that stopped me above. Remember it went “. . . ., then melt away your tensions . . . .?” Weill, it finished with the words “with a Bank, Neck and Shoulder Massage.”

A Bank massage? Never thought of that. Guess I’ll give it a shot when I get home.

400 p.m.

Tonight is the last gala night. Tuxedos, long dresses, etc. Susan is off getting her hair put up, which I think is the prettiest way for her to have her hair. It makes her eyes look so beautiful. I have told her that every time she has done it and I love the way she looks with her hair that way. She has done it maybe five times in our relationship? So tonight is a special treat.

Wonder of wonders! She came back from the hair thingy delighted with the way it had gone, announced that she liked it so much she was off to get her makeup done professionally (!!!!! That makes twice, three times in our marriage???) and zipped off again. Wow! I can’t wait to see the outcome. I promise to provide pictures!!


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