28 Apr – 6th Day at Sea

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April 28th 2016
Published: April 28th 2016
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Hello Bloggers. We are having a good time and are enjoying these restful days, but before long the excursions will being and we will have different things to report to you. As for today, we changed a few things. One thing is that it rained most of the day, so there weren’t any outdoor activities. Instead of our usual dining room breakfast, we had some breakfast sandwiches and donuts from the International Café. This was also partly because we were doing the laundry today and needed to eat while the clothes were in the machines but before they finished washing. Anyway, we are all equipped with clean clothes for the next week.

Janet went to her knitting group with her friends. Rather than going to the Fitness Center and gaining weight (see yesterday’s experiment), David stayed in the cabin and watched the Star Wars movie on-demand on our TV. He had not seen it before, so it was very interesting for him.

For lunch (after losing another hour at Noon – now on London Time) we went to the dining room, which is something we have not done before. In all the cruises we’ve been on, we usually eat lunch at the buffet, or the grill, or the pizza place, or the café, or some other poolside location or on an excursion, but not in the dining room (at least not David). It was pretty nice and Janet had Milwaukee Fish while David had Beef Pot Pie.

After we ate, we went to a presentation by the Future Cruise Manager about cruises in Northern Europe. We’ve been to several of the locations before, but it was interesting to hear about the places and different cruise itineraries for the coming years. There are still some places there we want to visit someday, but it will be a while longer before we get back. We were just kind of “window shopping” today.

We then went down to do some downloads on the computer in the Internet Café and listed to the music in the Central Piazza. We got an e-mail from Elizabeth about one of our apple trees. Apparently this year our crop will not be apples but will be firewood, but there are still a couple more of these trees. Thanks to Elizabeth for coping with it.

This evening was our second Formal Dinning night, so we got all dressed up in a fancy outfit like everyone else. For the dinner appetizer we had some special spaghetti prepared by the Head Waiter. Then David had a child fruit soup, which was tasty but was more of a smoothie with a straw than a soup. We both had the Prime Rib as our entrée and dessert was a special chocolate-caramel mouse. It was a delicious dinner.

Afterwards we went to the Vista Lounge for a show by the Marionette person whom we had skipped the first time. It was very interesting and we are glad that we went. There were about 8 acts in the style of a variety show. There was a singer, a gypsy dancer, a frog which jumped from a Lilli Pad and caught a fly with its tongue, a singer with a smoker’s cough who actually smoked a cigarette, a high wire walker, and others. Part way through the operator performed an act (a trapeze artist) where he explained how each part of the tricks was performed. It was really a fascinating show.

Afterwards we went back to the cabin and watched a movie called “The Hundred Foot Journey”. David is thinking about going down to the theater for the late show by a singer named Joe West, but maybe he will fall asleep instead since last night was a late night under the stars. That’s about all for today.


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