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April 28th 2015
Published: April 29th 2015
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As I mentioned yesterday, we spent today at sea instead of docking in Bermuda because of extremely high winds. Although a little disappointed about the change in itinerary, Bowen and I were actually very happy to have another restful day at sea. I say restful because there really is no stress at all when you're cruising. But we were actually quite busy all day. That's the beauty of life on a ship - you can do as much or as little as you want.

Today was country/western day and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to a great band and watching (not participating in) the line dancing lessons. There are some really, really good dancers on this ship and some not "gifted" in that area. But it's just great seeing so many people - even some very old folks - enjoying themselves. Tomorrow, is 50's and 60's day with oldies bands and dance concerts, so I can only imagine how much fun that will be.

My mother (aka Gaga) told me about a woman who lives on a cruse ship because she found it be to less expensive that living in a retirement facility. My parents enjoyed a wonderful Alaskan cruise with my Uncle and Aunt several years ago, and Gaga remembers how nice it was to be pampered. So, she wanted me to check out our ship to see if there are any permanent "residents" here. Well, I can tell you that there are LOTS of folks much older than us cruising across the Atlantic on this ship, but we have not found any residents. I do think Gaga would especially enjoy the daily bridge games - so many people play that they had to relocate is to a much bigger room. Gaga, we'll stay on the lookout for anyone who might live here and we'll get all the scoop for you.

See you back here tomorrow...


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