BLT Day #15: One last day at sea...

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May 8th 2015
Published: May 9th 2015
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The last day on a cruise is always bittersweet for us. We've enjoyed every cruise we've ever been on, so getting ready to disembark is a little sad. No more cabin stewards to magically clean our cabin every time we leave it; no more 24/7 access to wonderful food of all types; no more daily entertainment from all kinds of talented performers; and no more of the essentially stress free environment that exists on cruises. In other words, it's back to reality!

This cruise was no exception: we loved everything about it. The small disappointment of skipping Bermuda was offset by the unexpected pleasure of visiting the Azores. The few rainy days at sea were perfect for just relaxing, and didn't disrupt any of the fun activities going on inside. Even though it was pretty chilly in Ireland and Scotland, the sun came out in each port and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing each of them. Of course, a highlight of the cruise was seeing Bowen's brother Curry in Dublin.

A couple of folks have asked for basic info about cruising, and I'd be happy to try to answer you questions when we return. But a couple of quick take-always from this cruise might be of help. First, selecting a cabin in the middle of the ship is always a good idea. There's less impact of the ship's movement there. If you can get a balconey room, do it. There's nothing quite like sitting there with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine at night. We also try to get a deck that is not directly above or below one of the entertainment decks. The sound insulation on the newer ships is pretty good, but it's hard to drown out the nightclubs completely. Also, we have been electing "anytime" dining instead of fixed times. You can dine wherever you want with whomever you want with this option.

Now, we're packed and ready for our next big trip- the Viking Grand European cruise.


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