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March 15th 2015
Published: June 22nd 2017
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The "model" stupaThe "model" stupaThe "model" stupa

This 11th C golden stupa became the template for all subsequent Myanmar stupa. The design was modified in the 17th C by the addition of the metal structure on the top - the "umbrella" and the vane, and the orb at the summit.
Geo: 21.1942, 94.8945

This morning was a visit to the prototype stupa, built by the first king of the Bagan Dynasty who ruled from 1043-1077. The design was adjusted in the 17th C by the resurgent Myanmar Empire of those times. Then a visit to the market of Nyaung-U, a nearby town.

We've seen many more tourists in this area; mainly from Europe. You can hire an electric bicycle for 3,000 kyat per day and there are lots of young folk getting around. There are restaurants, hotels and backpacker accommodation, and several signs for MasterCard and Visa. Land (all land?) is owned by the government and 30 +15 year leases are sold.

A short sail this afternoon to Shwe Pyi Thar village for a visit to experience village life. We had bought pencils, books and accoutrements for the school, and I'd bought a couple of big bags of Chuppa Chups for the kids. It went down very well and I felt like the Pied Piper for a while. The kids were very polite and shy and did not jostle for the lollipops.

Additional photos below
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Village choresVillage chores
Village chores

Chopping up maize for animal food.
Now that's a cigar!Now that's a cigar!
Now that's a cigar!

Granny was quietly puffing away on a huge stogie. It was wrapped in a corn leaf and contained some tobacco.
Peanut harvestingPeanut harvesting
Peanut harvesting

This woman was plucking the peanut roots away from the plant.
Village sceneVillage scene
Village scene

I guess this was a rich village as they had lots of cows, pigs, chickens and dogs.
Palm harvestingPalm harvesting
Palm harvesting

In the morning the men climb up the ladder and cut a slice in the nuts, and hang a pot to catch the sap/juice. In the afternoon the pots are brought down with about a litre of liquid in each.
Palm juicePalm juice
Palm juice

Two pots from one palm. Each pot nearly full of juice. The juice is made into beer or whiskey. It can also be rendered down to sugar.

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