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October 17th 2016
Published: June 22nd 2017
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Early in the morning we were taken up Sagaing Hill from which there are lovely views of the Burmese countryside. There is also the Kaungmudaw Pagoda which has lots of paintings of the story of the Buddha and lovely floor tiles, which are much nicer to walk on without shoes than the paths or wooden floor boards. Knees and shoulders have to be covered too. The general region is called Innwa which used to be the ancient capital from the 14th to the 19th century. On the way back we visited the Bagaya Monastery which is no longer in use but is a beautiful building. The streets were crowded with people as the Full Moon celebrations were still going on. Driving along the road was slow due to a huge parade, noisy and colourful. Little girls were in beautiful highly decorated colourful costumes. The people were out collecting money for the monks and nuns. They have very little themselves but the whole country looks after the thousands of monks and nuns. We also visited a silver workshop- more stuff to buy!. We caught a ferry across the river, 24 to a boat and on the other side we got on a cart pulled by a horse. Only two of us in the cart but it was still a very uncomfortable and bumpy ride to yet another monastery and a leaning tower. Eventually we were taken back to the boat by the cart for lunch while the boat set sail. They are only allowed to sail between 6am and 6pm so we moor up overnight wherever we are going to visit the following day. There was a lecture about how pottery is made in the village we are visiting next otherwise it was time to relax. The internet connection is getting worse so despite only short stories I may not be able to do more. Photos in particular are difficult to upload

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18th October 2016

Loving your blog, Tiz. Keep on enjoying it all! Julie Xx
18th October 2016


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