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December 5th 2012
Published: June 22nd 2017
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Geo: -15.3689, -94.1309

Today the ship moored off Boca de Valeria which means mouth of the river Valeria and we were tendered over to a landing stage where loads of kids were waiting to greet us and hopefully "adopt" one of us for a dollar. Managed to successfully get past this lot and walk into the village. All the wooden houses are built on stilts because during the rainy season the plains are flooded, at which time everyone uses a canoe to get from place to place. We saw the school, church and local bar. Today was obviously a holiday because the ship was in. Some of the kids were dressed up as native Indians; others were holding birds, crickets, dead caimans all for a dollar photo or gift of some kind. We walked on to the end of the village where the houses were fewer and no kids were around touting their wares. A man was mending his fishing net so we said “Hi” and started chatting by sign language. We found out he had a wife and two kids who were at the other end of the village presumably working the tourists for dollars. He invited us into his house and showed us around his simple abode which did include a TV and chest freezer run off a battery- no bathroom- I guess the rainforest suffices for this! At the end of our visit we gave him a dollar and a bar of soap, just hope he doesn't try to eat it! Walking back we came across a lovely smiley lady selling wooden parrots and although we tried to barter we failed and paid her the asking price of 15$. A man had a 3 toed sloth on a tree and it was the cutest animal I have ever seen and almost seems to smile at you and was very friendly. Back through the village we weren't pestered by the kids as they were waiting for the next lot of people to get off the tender. It was an odd sort of visit but we were very glad we did it. I am also glad it wasn't raining as the path through the village would be pure mud if it did. As it was the path was very uneven and quite a few of the passengers on the ship who have mobility problems just couldn't do it and missed the trip. But this is the Amazon Basin after all and one cannot expect tarmac in the rain forest.

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