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September 12th 2016
Published: December 13th 2017
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Geo: 42.5075, 1.5218

Enough of cutting you folks slack on pictures, we are holding you to the iron now, we are sending twelve. Quit complaining!

So, we are out of Spain for a day. Furthermore we have left Fernando's apartments. We have made two mistakes with accommodations in Europe, one last year in Prague, and Fernando's in Barcelona. Both now in the rear view mirror. Barcelona, it is really a beautiful city, yet we are looking for history, not much there, but very pretty and nice folks.

Now in Andorra, which is the third smallest country in the world behind Lichtenstein, where Doozer never set a foot but Baby Bird and HP did. The other is Monaco. These three are Principalities, we think granted independence by the Holy Roman Emperor, although their size did not deserve it, yet they have remained independent and landlocked.

Andorra is in the Pyrenees, which M1 and 2 can inform you is between France and Spain, and composed of very jagged mountains. Yep Doozer, M1 & 2, they ski here. Nice scenery. We were here, and Barcelona BTW a little over 41 years ago. This place is different. Before it was rather impoverished. But now they have embraced a low tax philosophy, and it's a commercial haven. People flock here for the buys, while France and Spain try to limit the damage to their economies by carefully checking people exiting from this country.

Now Bird demands we impart the happiness that "we are free"; we have a car. This feels more like what we did last year, moving about the country in smaller places. Finally, for M-2, Smarties are on the way.


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