Boxing Day - Day 7

December 26th 2015
Published: January 8th 2016
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It's the day of the races, luckily Emily has a fascinator that I can borrow and Melissa has some sandals. The races is one of Martin's favourite days out and we're glad Eleanor reminded us that it was on. As it happens another one of Melissa's friends is also going and she arranges to meet her there. 'Mum her name is Efer' she emphasises as I keep referring to her as Ether! After a few races with no winners an empty bottle of wine and some potato wedges, we leave Melissa with Efer and her friends for another bottle and to place the next bet. Where have all these people suddenly come from I ask, the bar area is heaving and I know it didn't take this long to get served the first time !?! It took so long that the next race had finished and Melissa didn't even know what horse she has bet on as we were placing her bet! Her strategy was to take the 3rd lowest odds and bet on the nose. It soon pays off.In the meantime, it has rained outside and Melissa and her friends have moved. We call her and find that she has heard from Eleanor. We make our way to Elly and she is with friends also from Witney, Holly and Will. 'I know you' says Holly, you're friends of the Benningtons and I'm friends with Chloe! Ben and Elly have studied the form and arrived with a little books of chosen bets. So far so good they tell me as they won on the first two. Elly does admit though that her was because she made a mistake and bet on the wrong horse which just happened to win!

I reckon the measure of a successful day at the races is how much it has paid for your day out because I never expect to go home with extra! All done and we've had a cheap day out, Martin gets a place of 96-1 with $10 each way, another win and both Melissa and I get a win too so we're happy and glad the Martin has broken his losing streak. We say goodbye to Eleanor, Ben, Holly and Will, wish them well with their travels and admire their sense of adventure.


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