April 6th 2015
Published: April 6th 2015
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Ran out of room before I had a chance to tell you about Punakaiki or the Pancake Rocks. The rocks were formed millions of years ago when alternating layers of limestone and mud were laid down by nature. Erosion caused the mud to wear away leaving stacks of rocks that look a lot like giant pancake stacks. They way they eroded, not all the mud between layers eroded, so there are slight even gaps between the layers. There must have been close to a hundred of these stacks around. There was even an entire area that looked like a small village. There were some amazing examples of water erosion in the rocks at the bottom of the stacks. On super windy days there are blowholes, but although we thought it was really windy, the Kiwis visiting today said it was a calm day, too clam for blowholes. But the so called calmness did not stop the continuing erosion. I looked at it as both magnificent and frightening. The mass of water constantly egging and flowing was extreme. There was beauty in the power, but looking down between the rocks I could only contemplate the chances of a major landslide. So beautiful and so scary. After this we headed back to the hotel and then went to a pub for dinner. I finally got my NZ green-bearded mussels, they were marvelous. Tomorrow off the Christ Church and then to Wellington. Sleep well.


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