Off again

July 29th 2010
Published: July 29th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Just a quick note for the subscribers of Oliver's Travels...

I am hitting the long and dusty road again (today!!) and have decided to start a new travelblog, Oliver's Odyssey.

Oliver's Odyssey

Please subscribe and join me on a new adventure. I've already written the first entry so you have something to get your teeth into.

Sincere thanks for your support, encouragement, and contribution throughout the last one. It really has inspired me to do it again.



30th July 2010

Go Oliver
Thats Awesome Oli,how exciting especially with your gf accompanying you,No need to encourage you to have fun as thats part of what makes Oliver Oliver hehe:)
31st July 2010

Homers Odyssey - better be careful!!
Oliver - I was initially very confussed about your choice of title as my preliminary google search for "Homer's Odyssey" turned up a mass of detail re the "...third full length episode of The Simpsons, that originally aired on the Fox network on January 21, 1990. In this episode Homer becomes a crusader for citizen safety in Springfield, and is promoted to his current position as Nuclear Safety Inspector for the entire power plant." - what on earth did that have to do with either travel, socks, or lack there off?? Ulitimately realising my mistake, I then learnt of the Lotus Eaters, Cyclops Polyphemus, Laestrygones, Circe, Scylla and Telemachus (to name but a few) and the perils they all posed for that wiley young Odysseus Whew!!! - you had better be careful and what ever you do and where ever you are, make sure you wash out your socks carefully and lock your door securely each night Have fun MGD
2nd August 2010

Well Oliver sadly you are already missed by me at Jack"s. I dont know if James told you9 but I now have the photo I took of you on my wallpaper on my phone so everytime I get out my phone I can see you with your mona lisa smile! I am looking forward to your blogs and will enjoy hearing all your amusing and interesting windows into your life abroad! Give my love to the lovely Karina. Felicitations to you Love FI FI your surrogate aunty
7th January 2011

good one

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