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February 22nd 2009
Published: February 23rd 2009
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[youtube=yCSZqtwm0lA][youtube=k0Wp9raONRI]this is the whole shabang set to music! pretty much unedited montage of all the photos we took :]
the first one is "australia: 3 weeks in 10 mins or less" and the second one is "new zealand: 7 days in 6 mins."

***PLAYBACK: click the white triangle on the bottom right of the video screen. a bar will come up. click on "HQ" - the playback quality is better ***

a note on the music: while we were at woodford we totally fell for the artists: kate miller-heidke and wild marmalade. they provide the soundtracks for these and we HIGHLY recommend you look into them :]

you can see some other shorts, including an awesome aussie rap! what!! on youtube.
search: tuckermisra for the videos on youtube

or follow this link:

we had a blast making these memories and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did :]


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