The Power Of Music

February 29th 2008
Published: February 29th 2008
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I've been reminded, several times, that I'm not in any photo's. I have a job for you. Add this photo to every other and I'll be there. It' pretty much what my face looks like most of the time.

Arrived in New Zealand this morning. Seems very nice, difficult to judge on only 1 town, but pretty sure I'm going to love it here.

I've discovered how important music is to the planet. The earth seems to have taste. On the way out to the Great Ocean Road, my mp3 player chose Hanson, Mmm Bop. (For the benefit of anyone unaware of their work, it's seriously cheesy crap played by 3 lads with pretty long blonde hair) The heavens imidiately opened. Proper thunderstorm. Didnt last long. Switched back to real music (yes Meat Loaf) and the sun came out.
On the plane, it was perfectly smooth till Westlife came on (cheesy Irish Boyband, sings lots of fluffy ballads) then turbulence. Starting to wonder if the world is trying to tell me something.


29th February 2008

I said a photo of you looking happy. Now I'm just going to be left wondering if travelling on your own has addled your brain somewhat! Oh no wait, I just remembered you at a Meat Loaf gig - you're obviously holding back in that picture! I must say, if you didn't listen to at least 'Australia' by the Manics and 'Down Under' by Men At Work over the last month, I may have to slap you. And Howard Shore is the only reasonable soundtrack to visiting Middle Earth!
29th February 2008

Dear, Dear
Lizzie, my dear, the world was telling you to stop listening to Hanson about 10 years ago - there's a reason that Mother Nature in her infinate wisdom decided to make their voices break! Enjoy New Zealand, and all things LOTR there. Craig
29th February 2008

Music, Music.
OK. So what were you playing when we had the earthquake?? Glad you are enjoying life, should like New Zealand Sporty Ant. Yes we are missing you Nadia and I have nobody to blame any more. "Wish you were here" and we were not. Jane
29th February 2008

Where are u?
Mum Pam and I are sitting around this blog trying to work out where you are. Please can you be specific as we have the atlas out. Great photo. Would like to see you in a bikini too. The earth moved for us all here this week- a little earthquake. Someone must have been playing Meatloaf too loud.
29th February 2008

Pic at last!
Hello - good to see you again - had almost forgotten what you looked like (haha)! I know how to solve the music problem you're having, PLAY BON JOVI!!!! Good first impression of NZ - looking forward to hearing more soon! Lol Samantha xx
1st March 2008

We met in helmsley years ago together with your parents and Miriam. Have a good time in Newzealand. I look forward to your interesting and amusing reports. What a great idea to travel! Irene
9th March 2008

Remember berne and irene
you may feel this was the beginning of your odd adventures. you agreed to help out by travelling in the boot. We took Irene and Berne to the yorkshire national park and then had a picnic in the sun.
10th March 2008

Cool, sorry to have missed it. You should, in theory, be able to tell where I am from the route map. Will make sure I add in plenty of place names so you can check properly. Staying in bottom of south island for about a week then heading back up east coast. Back to making it up as I go along until rejoin the bus tour out of Queenstown. Been very easy on organised tour, accomodation and activites booked as you go. Also nice travelling with the same people everyday. Most sticking around for a few days, but then everyone on different schedules so lots of new faces from now on.
10th March 2008

Taking the blame
Missed an earthquake, quite sad now. That was caused by Meat Loaf finally getting out of his sick bed. Feel free to keep passing the blame on to me. I'm still hacking into your system and feeding it's little gremlins. Can't have them going hungry. Having a problem out here. Everyone on holiday, all very happy. Miss the daily winge. Need you both to come out here and give me someone to bitch with. Much harder with people you've only just met.

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