We're Hangin' With the Big Boys in Easter Island

October 28th 2005
Published: October 29th 2005
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EASTER ISLAND IS AMAZING!!!!! We have had the most incredible day. Our tour took us to all the major sites of the "Big Boy" statues. According to our guide an unfinished statue is a "moai" and a finished statue is a "Ahu Tongariki". We have seen lots of both.

Some of the statues were standing on the platforms (ahus) and some have been toppled in the Civil Wars of the past, between the Long Ears and the Short Ears. The movie "Rapa Nui" is a good representation of the Easter Island culture and covers some of the conflict between the Long Ears and the Short Ears. Many moai were still in the volcano crater quarry, and some were by the ocean. It was WAY cool.

The island itself is delightful. It's one of the few islands that we have found with no commercialization from other countries. There are no Best Westerns, McDonalds, or KFCs. The town is small and quaint with lots of flowers, moais, a small harbor, and horses running down the main street!!

The climate varies greatly during the day. We will be freezing one minute and then the sun comes out and we are too hot. Dressing in layers is a must. Also, the rain showers come and go throughout the day and last for 5 minutes max.

Our little hotel, the Orongo, is near the downtown and is very convenient. Raul, the owner, is a most unique person with some gender issues. But he most hospitable, a good cook, dresses very nice and has beautiful long hair.

We are having a fabulous time and are truly charmed by the peole and all that we have seen. More later from Tahiti.

Additional photos below
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Quarry at Rano Raraku VolcanoQuarry at Rano Raraku Volcano
Quarry at Rano Raraku Volcano

This trail winds around the volcano and into the crater where the basalt was cut for the moais.
Moai - Work in ProgressMoai - Work in Progress
Moai - Work in Progress

All of these moai have torsos still buried in the ground.
Ahu TongarikiAhu Tongariki
Ahu Tongariki

The Ahu (platform) of the 15 Tongariki that were toppled during the Civil War between the long ears and the short ears. The Japanese government paid for the reconstruction of the Ahu.
Ron playing hide and seek Ron playing hide and seek
Ron playing hide and seek

This is one of the moais damaged in the Civil War.
Te Pito o te HenuaTe Pito o te Henua
Te Pito o te Henua

which means "the navel of the world". This was the original name of Rapa Nui or Easter Island. To the first inhabitants it meant a place of rebirth where they were starting a new life in a new place.
Pam realigning her Mana (Prana or Chi)Pam realigning her Mana (Prana or Chi)
Pam realigning her Mana (Prana or Chi)

The navel stone is magnetic and is believed to be the holder of the chief´s power or Mana. By placing both hands on the stone you are able to realign your own Mana.

30th October 2005

You guys are the coolest!!
You are the coolest big sister and brother-in-law in the world. We are envious and now have to go to Easter Island as well. The pictures are great!!
31st October 2005

Once again, I am having a great time living vicariously through you. You both look so happy..is that what life is like after SCSB. Have fun and keep the pictures coming! :) donna
1st November 2005

Love the pictures, glad you are having a wonderful trip. It stopped raining. Love ya, Dorothy
3rd November 2005

Ron & Pam, Great way to start your venture. Looks and sounds like a cool place. This TravelBlog is wonderful. I will continue to enjoy your words and pictures. Take Care.
17th November 2005

Ok Ok, I am late as usual...
17th November 2005

Late as usual....the REST of the comment :)
When I got the notices of the update to the journal, I thought "ooohhhh I wanna wait til I really have time to enjoy the pictures...and tonight was it and there was another one...! I can see that I will have to run to keep up with you even vicariously! LOL I agree with Donna, you both look so happy! Have fun, this is a wonderful way to stay in touch. Miss you both!

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