August 24th 2005
Published: September 9th 2005
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I left home on February 7th. It was 28 weeks ago. I spent 11 weeks in New Zealand, 16 in Australia (and 1 week in Hong Kong and on the way).

I had amazing time.

I already wrote a poetic summary of my New Zealand experience. Australia was VERY different. The experience was a lot more diversified. The Aussie landscape is not as beautiful as in NZ, but it has its highlights. The outback - impressive for being so vast, lots and lots of nothing. Uluru (Ayers Rock) is again impressive for the size and location. Karijini national park in WA - so pretty, and lots of fun. The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is a great example for the power of the waves around OZ. The rainforest around Cairns and further south in QLD is very pretty. Cape Tribulation was simply paradise. Nature beauty is found in many other places as well: Katherine gorge, Kakadu national park, the forests of the giant trees in the south west, Esperance - Cape Le Grand, Bungle Bungles, and many other places. The Aussie wildlife is magnificent - kangaroos, koalas, wombats (the cutest of them all), penguins, many pretty birds, and also scary snakes and crocodiles.
Simply driving hundreds of kilometers and seeing nothing on the way is amazing. Waving to other drivers that pass by. Passing road trains... up to 53 meters long...
Unlike New Zealand, OZ has quiet a few lovely cities. Perth and Adelaide were sweet. Sydney was amazing. Melbourne was pleasant. Darwin was fun. Brisbane was all of the above and my favorite city, stunningly beautiful, amazing and everything. I enjoy nature but after all I am a city girl and I loved getting to a city every now and then.
Oz was also a place to relax, to suntan, to drink beer and wine, to dance, to meet people. It was the ultimate vacation - you can have as little or as much of everything, make your own combination.
I already miss it soooo much…


1st September 2005

To be continued... but watch Maoist. They are not friendly at all. New adventures for Anat Croft :)

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