Hobart to Strahan

March 11th 2007
Published: March 11th 2007
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Russell FallsRussell FallsRussell Falls

In the past sheets of water fall from these rocks.

Day Nine of Fifteen:

Long Drive to Strahan
We have just completed half of our holiday. Today's journey would take us north to Strahan on the west coast. It was expected to be a long day's driving. The initial blue skies didn't last long and dark clouds moved in quickly.

Russell Falls is another must see feature of the south west of Tasmania. Park fees are required in Mt Field National Park. The $50 sticker on our windscreen covered our entry. So far that has accounted for $40 worth of park fees. We have to find another park to make the purchase of the pass worthwhile.

We saw a number of wallabies along the walk to and from the falls. I had been to this falls before but on this visit I could see the drought had affected the water flow and the view wasn't as spectacular as they have been in the past (maybe it's the time of year). My girlfriend was still impressed and loved the many terraces that make up the falls.

It had taken a bit of time to divert from the main highway so once again time was getting away from us. As we climbed
Russell FallsRussell FallsRussell Falls

Not much water but took a shot anyway.
into the highlands the road became windy and we constantly caught up with slower cars. It's a good sealed road and there are parts that need to be taken slower than the speed limit but we found so many people who insisted on driving at least 20 km under the recommended speed limit. With so few places to overtake, patience and caution is recommended before you can take advantage of any straight stretch which allows you to overtake and get back to a reasonable speed.

We had noticed on the weather report this morning that wet weather was expected in this part of Tasmania and they were not wrong. As we got closer to Queenstown the rain fell almost constantly. Through the mist the mountains were huge and fantastic images were being missed. Again when we drove down the mountain into Queenstown I couldn't get any shots because of the rain and even the low clouds didn't lend themselves to any shots that would be worth keeping. It had been over 10 years since I had visited this area and I knew what I was missing.

Strahan is 40 km from Queenstown and the rain only partly let up when
Russell FallsRussell FallsRussell Falls

Not much water at this time of the year.
we arrived. Our two night stay wasn't looking good for sight seeing.

I can happily report that the Cosy Cabin (Seaside) was like a mansion compared to what we had experienced so far. It looked new and even had the bathroom basin company logo still stuck on the side. Four burner gas hot plates with an oven. It had a large bed with leg room on each side (a novelty for us), a TV of a decent size and a heater that was put into action soon after we unloaded our gear.

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Button GrassButton Grass
Button Grass

Getting the shot.

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