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February 6th 2020
Published: February 6th 2020
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A Happy Fella.A Happy Fella.A Happy Fella.

A great day on the river surrounded by nature, blue skies, clear water, and bush. I love it.
I can't believe it. I've been so slack with my blog. But, I must admit that I haven't been very exciting of late. Since getting back from Norway in late October we have been doing our normal every day sort of stuff. Time spent at home, time spent in Hastings, time spent in Taupo and time spent just doing the usual. I'm still walking every day, always at least and hour but quite often more. Always trying to keep fit just in case the opportunity presents it's self to do something special. I'm always dreaming of various adventures that I would love to do. It is always good to have something in mind to look forward to.

Anyway. Lots of things happening and we are very lucky to still be enjoying life and all it involves.

After arriving back from Norway we spent a few days in Hawkes Bay with the family watching the girls sport and getting in a bit of fishing. Early November we celebrated my birthday and then Ella's 9th birthday with a party for friends and a meal out. Later in the month I enjoyed a few days in Taupo with Corrado. always nice spending
Brothers, sister and Spouses.Brothers, sister and Spouses.Brothers, sister and Spouses.

Terry, Nick, Lonnie, Royce, Di, Me and in front Barbara and Julie. Always nice to catch up, share some time with good food and wine.
time in one of my favourite spots.

Early December we enjoyed a great day with my brothers and sister. Always good to catch up on all the gossip about kids and life with Terry and Barbara, Julie and Royce and Nick and Lonnie.

Christmas was spent in Gisborne with Warwick and his family. Jeremy and Amy and the girls, and Sarah and Brad and their kids. So good to catch up with Sarah and Brad and see how their children have grown. Honer, Taj and Emerson are full of life and great to spend time with. Great to see the excitement mounting during Christmas Eve with the kids writing welcome signs to Santa and his team. Christmas Day was amazing with the kids up bright and early, very impatient to see what Santa had bought. Lots of excitement. A Christmas breakfast to satisfy our hunger until the Christmas Dinner, served by the pool. The weather played it's part well and the meal was fantastic. Good times and so nice to be with special people on this day of celebration. The few days we were there was full of fun on the beach, pool and general chat.


Long Jump at Inter school sports.
and I returned to Hasting and then spent time in Taupo with Annemarie and Corrado. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best but we still had a magic time.

January {school holidays} was spent with the girls in both Hastings and Wellington. The girls are at a stage now that we don't really have to entertain them and they fill in their days well, but we still manage to have some good adventures. Wellington zoo is always one of their favourite things to do while in Wellington.

So now it's back to school for them and back to our time to catch up on some of the work around the house. We do of course have some things planned for the weeks ahead. Pip/Rod

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Jeremy. Jeremy.

Another nice day
Ella's Birthday.Ella's Birthday.
Ella's Birthday.

Great day with a great bunch of kids and a balloon cake.
Great Vista.Great Vista.
Great Vista.

Mt Ruapehu from the Saddle Rd on the way to Hawkes Bay
Waiting For Christmas.Waiting For Christmas.
Waiting For Christmas.

The kids are waiting down stairs for the wood to go and see what Santa bought them.
Santa Warwick.Santa Warwick.
Santa Warwick.

What a great day.
Waiting Patiently.Waiting Patiently.
Waiting Patiently.

Emerson, Taj, Holly, Honor and Ella waiting to open presents. Oh, what fun.
It's A Hat.It's A Hat.
It's A Hat.

Ella gets a new hat.
Christmas Dinner.Christmas Dinner.
Christmas Dinner.

All set to go beside the pool. The weather behaved so it wasn't to hot or to cold.
Beach Cricket.Beach Cricket.
Beach Cricket.

A real tradition on beaches every where.
Beach Hutt.Beach Hutt.
Beach Hutt.

Ella with her creation.

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