Leave the Cold, Find the Hot in Australia.

May 19th 2019
Published: May 23rd 2019
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A Bit Of A Problem.A Bit Of A Problem.A Bit Of A Problem.

Frustrating, but "stuff" happens. A work in progress.
We have been at home and Hawkes Bay doing the norm of bits and pieces around the house and spending time with the kids in the Bay. So, as mentioned 2 blogs ago, we arranged to join Viv and Charlie in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast of Australia, to spend some time in a warmer climate. I have never been to Coolangatta, so this is a new adventure for me.

But first a brief look at what I have been up to since my last blog. For Easter and the start of the school holidays we had Amy, Jeremy and the girls down, doing our norm school holiday things. We then went up to Hawkes Bay for the rest of the holidays and to celebrate Holly's 12 birthday. Warwick came down for the birthday and given the chance we went out for a days fishing way up in the ranges on the Upper Mohaka River. A very successful days fishing. But!! I did "the silly old man" trick of falling over on some boulders and smashing my ring finger. Very uncomfortable and very annoying. My finger took on a different angle, similar to a right angle, so after leaving it
Magic Evening.Magic Evening.Magic Evening.

From home in Whitby when the sky and the inlet just seem to be on fire. Magic.
in the river to ice it, I comtemplated the long drive home, the effect it would have on my upcoming trips to Australia, the upcoming disapproval of Diane and the affect it would have on my fishing. Once back home to Amy's, Di of course was all sympathy, and I went up to the Hasting Hospital to get it attended to. Ok. It was a bit of a problem and was certainly going to restrict some of my plans and also my day to day things as well. After a bit of tug of war with the Doctor to set it and the application of a large plaster cast around a piece of metal to keep my finger at the right angle I was sent home. Pleased to say that the large cast lasted about 9days, then in WellingtonHospital, it was replaced by a much more manageable cast. I must say that I am so very impressed with the whole procedure from Hastings Hospital to Wellington Hospital, every person I have dealt with have been so good and positive.

So, now I'm in Australia at Coolangatta. I have not been here before, so a bit of exploring to see

OK. Lets go to Coolangatta. Di enjoys a wine at the airport.
whats what. Wow. I think this is a very laid back place with so much to do, if you wish, or just a place to relax. Surf keeps coming in all day, so plenty to watch as you walk the beaches. So far we have been walking, eating and having a few wines. It truely is a beautiful place and where we are situated is not to crowded. Lots and lots of surfers, and the water is very clear. Temperatures just right. Not to hot and only a bit of a chill in the evenings. Shorts and t,shirt weather. So nice. We have eaten out a few nights and also attended the local services club which has pokie machines. {Bad move!!!} Lots of fun and laughs though. One evening we even had Kareoke at the hotel. Oh well, you do have to embarrass oneself every now and again. Once again, lots of laughs. We have driven down to Byron Bay to have a look around and then called into one of my old friends from Wellington who lives up in the hills between Bryron Bay and Coolangatta. Ian and Leone have been farming the 4th generation farm for the last
Charlie and I.Charlie and I.Charlie and I.

A cool one on the balcony of the apartment.
few years and have 4,500 macedonian nut trees among other things. The farm is located in an amazing valley and as we got there quite late, we hope to be able to return in a few days to have a lesson in Nut farming and a decent look around. Having a great time here and still looking forward to the rest of our stay and enjoying a few new happenings. Pip/Rod

Additional photos below
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The View From the Apartment.The View From the Apartment.
The View From the Apartment.

Magic to wake up and look out at this in the morning. Coolangatta.
Traffic Jam.Traffic Jam.
Traffic Jam.

So many surfers. But amazing surf breaks everywhere. Man made landscape in the back ground is Surfers Paradise.
Enjoying  A Walk.Enjoying  A Walk.
Enjoying A Walk.

Beach after beach after beach. Most impressed with the walks and cycle tracks.
A Friendly Chap. A Friendly Chap.
A Friendly Chap.

See lots of these while walking. Big and small. This one was over 500cm.
The Boarder. The Boarder.
The Boarder.

Charlie, Di and Viv stand on the boarder that runs right through the middle of town.
Byron Bay Lighthouse.Byron Bay Lighthouse.
Byron Bay Lighthouse.

Di and I enjoying the views from here.
Viv and I.Viv and I.
Viv and I.

Walking the track down to from the lighthouse to the beaches below. Wonderful views.
Little Wategos Beach.Little Wategos Beach.
Little Wategos Beach.

A neat little beach near the lighthouse. My sort of place.
Do You Need a Ride.Do You Need a Ride.
Do You Need a Ride.

Charlie waits patiently for his VIP's to arrive so he can drive us to our next destination.

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