November 26th 2018
Published: November 26th 2018
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25th November

I plan a walk around Pakowhai Regional Park near Napier today so I set sat nav, but the entrance is in the middle of a set of roadworks and has a no entry sign. So I need to find a plan B. While thinking of a plan B, i see a supermarket, so pull over for milk. I happen to park near a rose garden , so I have a walk around. Whilst walking it starts to drizzle.

I get back to the van and have a rummage through the stack of leaflets and decide on Te Mata Park. Having learnt my lesson about timings of walks compared to food; I make myself for lunch before my walk.

The place is busy with mountain bikes and a local orienteering group. It starts to rain on my way round ; I am under the cover of trees so I am not too bothered. The heavens truly open when I get to the end of my walk.

I set sat nav for Wellington and decided to pull over if anything takes my interest. I thought that I would carry on driving whilst it was raining. If I am going to be cooped up in my van then I may as well be driving. I run out of energy before it stops raining. I am getting tired so decide that when it gets to 4 o'clock then I will start to look for a campsite.

I pull over for coffee about 2 and the town I stop in is deserted, only the coffee shop and a bar seem to be open. The rain gets heavier.

I find a campsite in Carterton, the rain eases off but the sky is still very overcast. I needed to stretch my legs so I walk into town, it was further than realized. I spot a Chinese takeaway, and decide I quite fancy it. No sooner than I got back to the van then the heavens opened. I sat in the back of the van and ate my take away and wrote my blog.

It continues to rain, so nothing for it but to make up the bed and climb in.


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