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Oceania » Tonga » Tongatapu June 20th 2009

Never have I been so comfortably happy to drive extremely slowly down a perfectly straight and decently paved rural road or to see a cockroach in my bathroom. Why do you ask? Because these are both things I associate with being in a nice warm island nation where time just goes a little slower. So if you haven't guessed I'm in Tonga. Getting to the final legs of the trip. So far Tonga seems pretty good. I'm kinda really exhausted though, after awkward flight hours and being used to going to bed at 10pm. But today was good. I got into town and contacted Sitiveni (Steven), the builder whom Colin Philp recommended I contact out here. And, I found out that he's starting a build of a traditional 4 or 5 man canoe on Monday. So ... read more

Oceania » Tonga » Tongatapu August 16th 2008

This is part one of two parts documenting my recent holiday in Tonga. I'll let the photos tell the story - so you'll need to open the photo - sorry - also note that there is more than one page of photos... so to see them all you'll need to go to page two. We left auckland on Saturday afternoon for Tongatapu Island for a two night stay, howerver had no reservations for accomodation on the island. We hadn't wanted to stay so long on the main island but had no choice as on Sundays nearly everything including the airports. We arrived on Tongatapu and put our faith in the hands of a doggy looking cab driver that promised us accomodation, we just had to get in his van and take a ride into town.... so ... read more
Marcos and Donavin on the flight to Tonga
Counds over NZ
Arriving in Tonga - small international airport

Oceania » Tonga » Tongatapu July 27th 2008

Malo It is just over a week since I arrived in the Kingdom of Tonga, and I have had some great adventures already. My first stop was on the Island of Tongatapu, in the city of Nuku'alofa, where Dad is living. Tonga has its own unique culture again from the other Polynesian islands that I have visited, and a lot of that is based around the fact that Tonga is an absolute Monarchy. The city of Nuku'alofa and the island of Tongatapu have been buzzing since I arrived with the preparations for the upcoming Coronation of King George Tupou V. On every street there are banners being raised, red and white flags decorating all of the houses, a paintbrush in the hand of every second Tongan and more balloons than a Christmas parade. There has been ... read more
MG 1629
MG 1624
MG 1620

Oceania » Tonga » Tongatapu March 29th 2008

Maolo e Lei lei, zoals ze hier in Tonga zouden zeggen! Ondertussen breng ik mijn laatste dagen door in 'The kingdom of Tonga' dat zomaar eventjes bestaat uit 171 eilandjes, waarvan ik er zelf, drie bezocht heb. Nogmaal om de verwarring tegen te gaan: ik ben NIET (meer) in NIEUW-ZEELAND en ook NIET in AUSTRALIE! Tonga is een land op zich, in de pacific! ( dichtbij Frans Polynesie, Fiji, Nieuw-Caledonie,...) Toen we aankwamen, werden we aan de luchthaven onmiddellijk opgehaald door Toni. Een 60+ Brit, die hier ondertussen al 18 jaar woont, volledig verbitterd en doordrongen van zwartgallige humor... bizar. De eerste dag gingen we direct op een day-tour rond het eiland, samen met een oostenrijker (die de wereld aan het rondreizen was in 5 WEKEN...van overdrijven gesproken..), nog een oostenrijker, 2 japanse meiden, 1 amerikaanse ... read more
Me in the jungle
Anna in the jungle
And a little bit a horse riding

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