You Want Me To Go How Many Miles Offshore In That Little Boat?

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July 25th 2009
Published: August 15th 2009
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Yes, it's not much, but it's awesome

Sabine and BrianSabine and BrianSabine and Brian

The shop owners
Well, it's not the Cat Knapp... let me assure you that it was totally worth my while.

I didn’t think that I was going to be able to dive again in Tonga but timing worked out perfectly for a small group to go out with Brian and Sabine’s dive shop, Fins -N- Flukes. Sabine is originally from Germany and Brian from Ireland, how the two of them ended up in Pangai is beyond me, but I met them earlier at Mariner’s Cafe. They have the cutest little puppy and great attitudes, just good people to hang around.

Jay and Thomae had made friends with them early too, so it was easy enough to get additional divers (Me, Derrick, and James) together. Though a bit of a cloudy day, we left the ship early and met on the dock with our gear. My first thought as I saw the “dive boat” was “OMG”. It’s a very small boat and I had heard that we would be going offshore a bit, so I was needless to say, worried. Nonetheless, I sucked up my big boat snobbery and geared up reduce the need for “getting ready” space. We all climbed aboard and off we went for our first spot.

Let’s just say that Brian and I are very alike in that we like just looking around for cool stuff in a slow, methodical manner. Between the group, we found a stonefish, lots of nudibranchs, pipefish, shrimp, etc. I love it when a diver enjoys the smaller organisms. The area he took us to was abundant in every sort of critter/coral imaginable. Same thing for the second dive. There’s almost too many photos to post!

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It's me

See how happy I am?
Sea SnakeSea Snake
Sea Snake

One of many on this trip

27th October 2010

We will have a bigger boat soon, hopefully it will be ready for your return. Your stone fish pic is so cool, what a great find, but photoshop will make all the difference!

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