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Oceania » Solomon Islands » Guadalcanal January 15th 2019

As the years pass by and I gradually add to the number of countries visited, it seems a more spontaneous travel approach is beginning to flower within your intrepid travel correspondent. I'm happiest when the experience of a country begins to unfold as a result of my visit, and lately have shied away from burying myself in information about countries prior to arrival. It goes without saying the occasional surprised look comes my way in the first few days after arrival, nevertheless I bury myself in each destination and the experiences on offer to ensure I'm enriched by the country and her people. The inaugural visit to Solomon Islands has been the latest example, where it all magically unfolded for me over the course of ten days, and what a wonderful experience it's been! For a ... read more
Vilu outdoor museum
Tenaru Falls
Park Heritage hotel

Oceania » Solomon Islands » Honiara August 14th 2018

Tuesday Honiara Guaranteed a shore day with Honiara having a port berth, we looked forward to seeing some military sites on some sort of tour. This cruise with PNG and Solomons being the shore destinations has meant less chances for us to do our own thing ashore with most destinations having little infrastructure such as taxis or buses to take us independently to where we wanted to go. Today was no exception. Honiara which means place of east wind is the capital of The Solomon Islands, population 80,000. Rich in WWII history with much of the major fighting between the Japanese and the USA and its allies occurring in this area.There was a lot set up on the wharf with stalls and maps and the advice from the information desk to seek a tour outside of ... read more
Rabaul bruised and beaten
Every shack sells mobile upload
Bloody ridge

Oceania » Solomon Islands » Guadalcanal April 30th 2018

Solomon Islands: 4-11-2018 Solomon Solomon la island Country. Solomon islands gom 6 dao lon va hon 900 dao nho nam giua Papua new Guiana va Vanuatu. Rong 28,400km2. Thu do la Honiara. Co 600,000 dan nguoi Malanesia, Noi tieng ANh. Trung binh moi nguoi kiem duoc khoang 1,500/ nam. Dao nay bi ANh cai tri tu nam 1890 sau do duoc Doc lap tu ANh nam 1978 nhung van con trong Commonwealth va Nu Hoang Anh van duoc coi nhu la Nu Hoang xu nay. Nguoi Solomon co toc vang xoan den khac voi bat cu dan toc nao la vi anh nang mat troi va an nhieu ca. Phuong tien di chuyen cua ho o day la thuyen doc moc la loai thuyen thay vi nhu loai thuyen khac dong tu nhieu mieng vang, con ... read more

Oceania » Solomon Islands November 29th 2017

SOLOMON ISLANDS LIFE ON THE LIVEABOARD What is there to say about diving on a liveaboard? Well…we do a lot of diving. I was on the Taka for seven days and did nineteen dives. Most days four dives are scheduled. That seems like a lot, but diving on a liveaboard is easier because your dive gear is always set up. Each diver has an assigned tank secured to the bench and it is filled between dives by a long air hose attached to the compressor. We each have our own dive station and our loose gear, fins, mask, booties, etc. are in a bin under the bench below our tank. Because we were doing so many dives each day we were all using Nitrox, which is a mix of air and oxygen and means you don’t ... read more

Oceania » Solomon Islands » Honiara November 23rd 2017

THE RAIDERS HOTEL While I was reviving at the Lime Lounge I came to a decision. When I first arrived I made reservations for the Raider Hotel. It was reasonable and I liked the name because the Raider’s football team is THE football team in my family. My late husband grew up next to the Raider’s home field in Oakland and spent a lot of time there as a boy. My three daughters are huge fans. Then I found out it was on Tulagi Island. I had no idea how to get there so I cancelled my stay. Now the Raider Hotel looked like the best choice for me until I could get on the liveaboard. I took a taxi back to the hotel for my luggage and then asked to go to the yacht club, ... read more

Oceania » Solomon Islands » Honiara November 21st 2017

THE SOLOMON ISLANDS OFF TO A BAD START The Solomon Islands…the name conjures up stories from my childhood memory. When I was young I had a set of Christian books about Kings, and of course King Solomon is one I remember. On the other hand, I know next to nothing about the war in the Pacific. I don’t even know where my uncles served during the war, and now family members who could have told me have all passed away. The first time I visited the Philippines many years ago there were still remnants of the military presence in the Philippines. On this trip I discovered wrecks abound in Papua New Guinea. The German Channel in Palau was a site of military activity in WWII. But I didn’t learn about the war in the Solomon Islands ... read more

Oceania » Solomon Islands » Honiara November 13th 2012

This is my second trip to the Solomon Islands but the first time that I've travelled here alone. I arrived about 10 days ago to work with colleagues in a Government department as part of a Capacity Development project. My Solomon's counterpart (David) had visited me in Melbourne in June which was a bit of a climate shock for the poor guy - I doubt that he was ever warm during that visit. By the time I left the airport, collected a hire car and checked into my hotel it was probably about 3:30 pm and so the plan was to start work proper the following day. I arrived at work the following day at about 9:30 only to find that David wasn't around. It turns out that he was at my hotel looking for me ... read more
Fruit & Betel stall near work
Snorkelling at Mbike

Oceania » Solomon Islands » Malaita August 26th 2012

Travelling is usually easy, occasionally challenging, and rarely difficult, but on this particular morning it was diabolical, and is the only instance throughout my entire travels that my life felt in genuine danger. The thickly brooding clouds on the horizon augured poorly as the Express Pelican II with approximately 150 passengers chugged from the harbour for the intended 2.5 hour journey from Honiara in Guadalcanal to Auki on Malaita. I secured a seat on the upper deck and was working on my previous blog for approximately an hour when our passage became increasingly turbulent. I looked outside the adjacent window to sight the distant Florida Islands fronted by increasing swells, and so thought it prudent to shut down my computer and focus on the weather. Shortly afterwards, the boat commenced its exaggerated motions as it tilted ... read more
Dusk at Langa Langa Lagoon - Malaita, Solomon Islands
The serenity of Langa Langa Lagoon - Malaita, Solomon Islands
Bridal shell attire - Langa Langa Lagoon, Malaita, Solomon Islands

Oceania » Solomon Islands » Guadalcanal August 23rd 2012

Now fully recovered from a serious illness during my overseas holidays at the end of 2011, I eased back into the world of exploration with a short and necessary break to the Solomon Islands. It was with a greater deal of excitement than normal, for this marked not only my return to travelling, but also affirmed that my experience with scrub typhus had not dissuaded me from “exotic” destinations. The drive from the International Airport to the capital of Honiara saw me pass palm trees that towered over tired buildings and people languidly strolled or lazily congregated into groups; all images that confirmed my preconceptions of a Pacific Island. A popular pursuit is evidenced by the bright red grin worn by many, for chewing betel nut is a seemingly addictive habit that sees a large portion ... read more
US War Memorial -  Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Bonegi Beach - Kinugawa Maru
The lasting legacy of war - near Ilu River, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

Oceania » Solomon Islands » Santa Isabel January 1st 2011

After our debacle 10 years back in the Solomons, courtesy of Solomon Airlines, confidence wasn't at its peak with the narrow changeover between our international flight from Oz and the subsequent inter island flight scheduled only 45 minutes after touchdown in Honiara. But, Hey Presto, our fears were unfounded, initially because Solomon Airlines have lifted their game dramatically and also because we were assured the ongoing flight would wait for us. Wait for us? How many airlines would delay a flight for 2 plebs like us? As it turned out, we 2 plebs comprised 40% of the entire passenger list so they really couldn't take off without us. Five passengers plus pilot nestled into a lawnmower with wings skating up, around and under cloud banks with textbook tropical islets dotting the ocean below. The landing strip ... read more
Village dancer

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