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Oceania » Papua New Guinea » West New Britain November 6th 2017

We boarded on Oct 26 to Nov 6 for 10 days of diving in New Britain Island located in North East Papua New Guinea. The 73ft MV Febrina was built in 1972 and has been operating Kimbe Bay since 1991. My first thought was that it was an old boat but it was refitted in 2010. The dive deck was fitted with a camera table that was way too small to accommodate more than 6 large cameras at best. A charging station with 110V to 220V outlets for recharging batteries was located on a separate shelf. Also in the saloon there where plenty of outlets for everyone to charge their electronics. There is always hot water in the showers with good pressure, ice-cold AC in the cabins and saloon areas. Nitrox is available promptly and the ... read more
Anemone Fish MVFebrina PNG By Ximena Olds
Blue Faced Blenny MVFebrina PNG By Ximena Olds
Mated pair of Jacks MVFeBrina PNG By Ximena Olds

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » West New Britain » Kimbe July 8th 2012

"Diving is only as good as your ten best diving pics"...coming back on this... So where do you start writing such a blog....the words won't do it, and the pictures.....just half of let's jump in the water... Before joining the MV Febrina I spent my two last days diving out of the Walindi resort. First day two pretty average dives. It was like, ok, is this it? I hope not. Second day, two more dives and PNG started to honor the reputation it deserves! The next step was joining the MV Febrina for four days and a half of diving. In total, I did 21 pretty cool dives. How do you rate a liveaboard (and this is my 12th)? It depends on few important things. First, the diving...I know, this is pretty obvious...second, the crowd, ... read more
460 dives...and my third sighting of dolphins underwater....WOW!!!
cuttie nudibranch...

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » West New Britain » Kimbe July 2nd 2012

Every great meal need an amuse-bouche, this time, the amuse-bouche is average, and the meal was amazing. What do I mean? I've got too many pictures to sort out, so here is already something to start with. As it happened the last summer, Tiffany and Leslie are spending few weeks in Vietnam with their Mum. July is not high on the business agenda, beside being connected, so this is my little yearly holidays...I've checked, Leslie and Tiffany are doing well....they don't know yet what I've dived, neither do you... Pretty soon, I'll have dived in more countries than my age. Could have been done faster...but I'd better aim for quality than her it more diving adventure. Cindy, I'm in your garden...Shane....would have been fun to have dinner in the most expensive Holiday Inn in ... read more
find the little crab...
arriving in Hoskins...

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » West New Britain » Kimbe April 24th 2011

Blog Two...Diving The FeBrina Fantabulous!!! Where to begin - above or below water? We've done 26 dives and as the days progressed we asked ourselves..."how can this get any better?" And it kept surpassing the previous day's wonderment. First of all, The FeBrina is the only boat out in the PNG waters here. The serenity and solitude contributes to this magical experience. Rimmed in the distance is a trio of volcanoes that enhances the sunrises. In the evenings the lightning brightens the horizon. Mesmerized by the sunlight on the water, the deep blue abuts the turquoise-green pateches of coral reef. On the boat, we are two of only twelve divers - a group of six from Sacramento, a professional underwater photographer from the Cannary islands (some of the attached pictures are his-bet you can tell which ... read more
Blue SeaStar
Blue Ribbon Eel
Cowry Shell

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » West New Britain » Kimbe March 25th 2011

We talked about visiting Papua New Guinea for a long time. We finally got there September 2010. It's a land of diverse cultures, remote tribes, over 800 separate languages, 600 islands and some of the best diving spots anywhere in the world. We headed for Kimbe Bay, New Britain, for a 7 day liveaboard trip on the Febrina. We dived with about 9 other divers and Josie our dive master. Underwater, we saw some stunning corals and lots of pygmy seahorses, some found nowhere else. The second stop in our journey was at Tufi Dive Resort for some macro diving. Tufi was our favourite spot overall; we saw incredible creatures for the first time ever such as the Spanish Dancer, dwarf cuttlefish, pipefish, frogfish and so many nudibranchs. Steve and I are definitely hooked on macro ... read more
Palm Tree Nuts
Natural Malaria Cure
Bringing Firewood Home

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » West New Britain February 15th 2011

I visited the Walindi Resort on New Britain, Papua New Guinea in August 2010. What an incredible, enriching, and intriguing part of the world it was. I first landed in Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea and was so struck by the uniqueness of the locals. I have visited many places in the Caribbean, but not of them came close to comparing to PNG. My intention for this trip was to scuba dive and dive I did. My most sought after sea creature was the illustrious and tiny pygmy sea horse, and I am proud to say that I not only saw one, but several and captured them on film! Our flight from Port Moresby was most interesting. We flew on a small place with Air Nuigini, with few amenities, but perfectly safe. ... read more
beautiful anemone!
clown close up
Hello Lila! Nice to see ya!

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » West New Britain » Kimbe August 30th 2010

So I have made this like a little diary so I have written a little here and a little there: Day 2 - first day of diving: After a last minute panic run to the chemist to get some drug to clear my dodgy sinus and ears I made it to the airport to catch my flight. Very excited indeed I boarded and the views from the plane was great! The great barrier reef is pretty cool from the air! Made it to PNG in Port Moresby, the capital. As we entered the arrivals hall we were greeted by men in hawaii shirts (well i suppose they are not from hawaii but you know what i mean..) singing and playing cheesy pacific music, with flowers behind their ears, love it. Made it to the domestic terminal ... read more
Great barrier reef
Witu Islands

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