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Oceania » Papua New Guinea » New Ireland October 6th 2014

Once upon a time, as all the best fairy-tales begin, all I wanted out of life was a Ferrari. They were Simply The Best. Frankly, even at the time, this was a bloody silly idea... For a start, at the age of eight, it would have been something of a stretch to even come close to reaching the pedals. What’s more, my favourite model, the gloriously seductive 512 Berlinetta Boxer, was strictly a two-seater, so there’d have been no room for the rest of the family. So even if I’d somehow managed to stretch my pocket-money that far, it would just have been me stuck in the passenger seat alongside my Dad, who had precisely zero interest in such things. As something of a stickler for the road rules, he would have resolutely refused to go ... read more
Sunset from our Private beach
Crocodile Fish
Banded Coral Shrimp

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » New Ireland » Kavieng April 13th 2011

Just finished 9 days at Rubio's Plantation Retreat. What a great start to our vacation! Michael says, "it far surpassed his expectations". Shane, an American who grew up in Hawaii, runs the retreat with his native wife, Annette, and his mom and dad. He is like "a god" here. Our ride along the 4 hour drive from the airport to Rubio's was like being in a parade. Everyone was waving and calling out to him - with genuine smiles and endearments. He has done so much for the people of this island: New Ireland...ten dollars of every hundred he makes, goes to the towns and their schools. He has created a surf team consisting of local guys who just placed first, second, and third in all divisions of the recent PNG finals in Madang. These guys ... read more
Our Bungalow at sunset
Shane and Kalani
Rubio's-out front

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » New Ireland » Kavieng July 23rd 2009

Geo: -2.5846, 150.792Slept well – a few bug bites upon wakening. It rained on and off all night; never too hard. They turned off the generator – and therefore the fan – some time in the night, but it didn't get too hot. We weren't sure of the plan for the morning (as one of the visiting Swiss women said, "No one tells you anything") so we headed down to breakfast about 7:30am. Sat around for a while – eventually, they brought tea … Paul helped them unlock the cupboard … and we were given a full cooked breakfast with fruit.At 9am, we, the two Swiss anthropologists, and the Japanese woman, Alan Beck, Warren (manager), a driver, another young man, two police officers, and a security guard – they had apparently been warned of “trouble” and ... read more
Curious kids
Village house
Chief, welcoming us

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » New Ireland » Kavieng July 22nd 2009

Geo: -2.5846, 150.792It rained on and off last night, but more a steady rain instead of the tropical downpour. Slept well.After breakfast, the four of us circumpedigated the island. More nudibranchs and a couple of blue starfish. Keegan spotted a flatworm and some strange horned slugs. Such a micro-vision dude. The sun was out today, with some high overcast, so it felt much hotter.While I read, Paul and the kids went snorkeling. Said it was nice; saw a bat fish.Were called for an early lunch, which we ate alone, then we sat around the bungalows until 3pm, which was our departure time, arranged earlier with Ditmar and Ange.The boatride over to New Ireland was a bit bumpier than the ride out to the island, but still not too bad. We were left on the beach and ... read more

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » New Ireland July 21st 2009

Geo: -2.66631, 150.681Slept well. Enjoyed the very powerful tropical rainstorm that passed over us in the middle of the night. It began with the curtains billowing across the bed, then strong wind rattled leaves from the trees, then a few large drops of rain against the tin roof of our bungalow, then the flood of rain: deafening. It passed over in a few minutes, and I returned to sleep – until a coconut dropped on the roof. Thought we were under attack. Shortly after, we saw the torchlight of James, the security guard. Maybe he thought we were under attack, too.I'll take a moment to describe the resort. It's on a small island in the middle of the archipelago. From the lagoon, there are small stretches of beach visible, especially at low tide, but otherwise the ... read more
Views of Lissenung Island
Views of Lissenung Island
Views of Lissenung Island

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » New Ireland July 20th 2009

Geo: -2.66665, 150.682Up early for breakfast. At 7am, met by Jane, who took us to check in. Our flight isn't until 9:30am, but she says it's good to get there very early to avoid long lines and confusion. We checked on and went through security to the departure lounge: comfy seats and coffee for sale. Not exactly my choice for two hours of my life, but not too bad either. Of course, when our 9:35am flight was, at 10am, announced delayed indefinitely – with the next update not due until 11am – I have to confess to a bit of annoyance. It was a perfectly nice waiting room – but I'd rather be on the beach. At 11:30am, they announced a new departure time: 12:15pm … but they also provided snacks and drinks for us starving ... read more
Hanging at Lissenung
Our bungalow
The island compound

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » New Ireland » Kavieng April 22nd 2008

Well hello all hows it going ? Well time flys when your having fun I guess. Our time in PNG has been really amazing. The people here are so awsome I love it. Well what can I say about Kavieng. So far this is the most beautiful place i have been. The Beaches are white with clear seas. I have had the chance to take a 1 hour boat ride to get to the church I was attending one morning and so we ended up at a small village on an island somwhere. It was great. Anyways hope you enjoy the pics !! God Bless YOU BEN... read more
My church team
Church team away ...
Village church

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