Ouah ! That's what I call Diving !! Palau here we come !

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July 25th 2006
Published: August 3rd 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

Sorry for the delay...Many of you have been waiting for this blog but here it is !!! Palau is one of the most extraordinary diving spots in the world for many divers but not so many had the chance to really experience diving there...Not much flight to reach the capital Koror (2 per week from Manilla and few others through Guam), a huge area to cover that make day trip quite frustrating (if you ar... Read Full Entry

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Welcome to the jelly fish lake !Welcome to the jelly fish lake !
Welcome to the jelly fish lake !

This picture was taken by our dive buddy while snorkeling in a marine lake while being surrounded by thousands of stingless jelly fish...quite an unique experience...
Smile !! Buble time :-)Smile !! Buble time :-)
Smile !! Buble time :-)

Thanks guy for all those great shoots!

3rd August 2006

Very nice pictures and very Laetitia style expression. The vivid way you talk always makes my excited. I love your blog. Hope to see more of your trips:)
5th August 2006

decidement j'aurai tout fait dans ma vie... meme ajouter un commentaire a un blog : alors BRAVO et BRAVO !!! les photos sont geniales et vous deux aussi !!!! moi qui me croyais sauvée de bosser mon anglais avec Laetitia... faudra que je m'installe avec mon dicopour lire tout cela... I love you !!!
26th March 2007

Palau is IT, we agree!
hey, we just signed up for the site and are soooo excited to see someone else loved Palau as much as we did. Yet, almost glad that Palau is still not so well known about! Keeps the diving the BEST! We were there and ni Truk Lagoon Feb 2006. Amazing trip for sure! Your photos are sooo similar to ours it is scary! Just wanted to drop a line! Cheers!
8th February 2008

Just checking out the rest of your blog :)
Your blog is pushing Pulau up the list of places to dive!! Great shots - and I love the Mandarin fish!
9th February 2008

RE: Ouah ! That's what I call Diving !! Palau here we come
Ah ah ah :-) Well, amazing place! noticed that you were a diver too, hope that Palau is on your list, wont regret it if you like high adrenaline dive! Looking for some other good spot...have you been to PNG? Cheers
24th March 2008

I take that back
Now THIS is a great vacation for me! Diving Palau? Few in the world should be so lucky! Great pics...
17th June 2010

palau vs. sipadan
Have you ever been to Sipadan? How would you compare the two places? (For diving and scenery)
16th October 2010
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