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Oceania » Palau » Koror February 10th 2009

Dear all, Where to begin?? We arrived here in Palau in the early hours of the morning feeling sleepy but excited. We had finally arrived at one of our dream destinations!! Palau is a group of islands and we stayed in Koror as its a good jumping off point for all of the divesites. Next morning we were up early even though we had barely slept as we were eager to explore Palau. We wandered into Koror town and I was feeling a little was just a town, where was my amazing tropical island?? Next day we got on a dive boat and that was when I realised that you have to go out to sea to realise that the other parts of Palau are beautiful...totally beautiful and like nothing that I had ever seen ... read more

Oceania » Palau » Koror September 17th 2008

September 10, we spent one day in Manila, where we got the best massage ever, before we got on our plane to Palau, Micronesia. Palau is an island in the Pacific Ocean, 500 miles east from the Philippines and 2.000 miles south from Japan. Palau is not just known as the laziest country of the world, but it's also famous for scuba diving. some of you might know it from the TV show Survivor. We stayed a week on the island of Palau and at a place called DW Motel. We couldn't post this blog earlier, because we didn't had a proper internet connection. The first two days we spend scuba diving. All the dives we saw plenty of fish, sharks, turtles and beautiful coral. We were impressed by the diversity, definitely one of the best ... read more
Jelly Fish Lake
Rock Islands

Oceania » Palau » Koror June 20th 2008

Hopefully this will be my final enty for the Palau Blog... The day after our last dive in Palau we spent the day at the Palau Pacific Resort just snorkeling on the private reef there, which was fantastic, I spotted a moray eel, and searched again for the octopus we had spotted a couple of days previously. Grae had developed a very sore ear infection which wasent helped by the doctor stabbing him in the ear with the instrument meant to inspect the infection. It bled quite alot and Grae was in alot of pain so he absolutley couldn't get his ear wet, which was lucky that we had finished our diving but a shame that he couldn't snorkel anymore. So while I was snorkeling Grae hired a Kayak for a hour or so and pulled ... read more
Titan Trigger Fish
Surgeon Fish
Snorkeling at PPR

Oceania » Palau » Koror June 15th 2008

During a conversation with Simon the Frenchman (Ed's flatmate), we talked about where to dive in asia. Simon had been an instructor in the area for several years. Philippines? ok. Thailand? very touristy. I mentioned our plans to fly to Palau and Simon's response was "don't quit diving after Palau, eh? You'll never think diving is good elsewhere again!!" With this in mind Lauren and Simon arrived at 1:30am on Saturday morning to a stifling hot airport (at least it didnt smell like vomit as in Manila) and were taken to a transfer hotel where they collapsed. Simon's impression was that Palau was supposed to be a remote archipelago in the middle of the pacific but its proximity to Japan meant plenty of old Japanese import vehicles driven by burly islanders. Just like South Auckland, but ... read more
The Eco Explorer
Simon and Laur in the Caves
Chandalier Caves

Oceania » Palau » Koror June 4th 2008

First, just a small note about my last entry on Tubbataha...I forgot to let you know that not only did I see a whaleshark, easily between 8 to 10 meters long cruising at 21 meters deep...but I had also two of the best night dives ever. Quite easy to understand when you see the amount of fish. But this time, you can imagine that in a single torch light, I had the chance to see at the same time a huge turtle, as well as 2 white tip sharks cruising just below the turtle...amazing! But let's go back to Palau... If you are a diver, you heard of Palau...if not, you may wondering where is this place. Easy, 3 hours (1035 miles), west of Manila. 20,000 people for this independant state...not much behind great Ahi Tuna ... read more
many seeing at each dive
love their smiles
in've got the diving...and the beaches...

Oceania » Palau » Koror June 4th 2008

Wow Palau I am happy never to go to another country on holiday again, for me Palau was perfect. The islands are green and lush, the sea is crystal clear and teeming with life, the sky is a Turner what more could I ask for. Palau is about a two hour flight east of the Philippines, and has been occupied by the Americans and the Japanese at different points through history. Now the Islands are independant from America since 1994 (we were told, he didn't see too sure) although they still use the dollar most of the ties to America in terms of culture are easy to see. This is the same for the Japenese influences too. We were collected a the airport by the manager of our guesthouse and her husband and given a necklace ... read more
Room with a View
The other guest staying in our room
Anenome Fish - Palau 1st Dive

Oceania » Palau » Koror May 7th 2008

So I arranged a trip to palau. I was telling everyone I met. "I'm going to Palau". And they'd say "Cool... um... where's Palau?" and I'd say "Micronesia" and they'd say " where's Micronesia?" - insert embarrassed tone and bashful expression here - And I'd say "Um....north". I didn't really, exactly know where it was either. Even now, after I've been there I have a little difficulty locating it on a world map. There. I admit it - insert embarrassed tone and bashful expression here. Worldly traveller indeed. But at least I don't think Micronesia is a fictional place made up on the movie Zoolander, like some people I've met. So why was I going to this place if I didn't even really know where it was? Well, I'd heard great things about it from a ... read more
 Sharks were so awesome
Soft Coral
Clown Fish

Oceania » Palau » Koror July 27th 2007

End of July and time for a trip to Palau to sort out some work stuff. I was also planning to take the opportunity to do a little more exploration around the island of Koror and hopefully some sea kayaking. But low and behold, the day before I was to set off for the 1.5 days of travel just to get to Palau from Fiji, I came down with the most horrible cold ever. My nose was, well, disgusting, and I had a very charming I-am-just-about-to-die cough. Great, I thought. But I was not deterred. I was going to Palau because I wanted to do that damn sea kayaking and it was all organised. So there. All that just to say that it was not a particularly pleasant trip over to Palau from Fiji, although I ... read more
Cave with WWII left overs

Oceania » Palau » Koror February 10th 2005

nach einem guten monat auf der insel, besser: den inseln, die mit obigem slogan fuer sich werben, ist die zeit reif fuer einen weiteren travelblogeintrag. palau ist der kleine trotzkopf des pazifik. seit 1994 unabhaengige, eigenstaendige republik, hat dieses 18.000 koepfe inclusive der ca. 2000 einwanderer zaehlende voelkchen im vorfeld der unabhaengigkeit entschieden, dass es nicht in die foederation der mikronesischen staaten (f.s.m.) will; dass es amerikas “trusteeship“ (amerikanischer begriff fuer kolonie, elf buchstaben), das seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg bestand, abloesen will; und dass es nicht zulassen will, dass die USA im militaerischen ausnahmefall nukleares material in seinem gebiet lagern oder durch sein gebiet transportieren darf. in letztem punkt haben die insulaner, nach zehn jahren debatte und zig volksentscheiden, kleinbeigegeben. unterm strich bleibt: sie sind off... read more
in der wissenschaft muss man den dingen eben auf den grund gehen.
nachbars garten

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