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October 11th 2007
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today we had our first pep rally. it was a half day because of parent report card pickup in the afternoon, so the students who were not misbehaving or failing any of their classes were allowed to attend the event. it was held outside because there is no place large enough to hold all our students. there were performances from different students including raps, break dancing, poetry readings, and other forms of dance. at first it was pretty cool because we got to see just how talented the kids are here, but after the first 45 minutes, everyone started getting a bit bored and found ways to entertain themselves...

during one student's song he was singing, girls rushed to the outdoor stage and started dancing and grinding with one another. break dancers started coming out in girl's clothes, doing extremely sexually provocative dances. the kids all started up to the stage to join in the dancing. as a way to pacify this craziness, the mc's decided to move on to games. these consisted of lots of water games where the students got just soaked. shirts were see-through and clingy, and after the tug-o-war in the mud pit (yes!), shirts started coming off! no wonder there is such a high dropout rate because of pregnancies! i'm not saying the kids were making babies behind the trees on campus, but the school allowing the children to be put in these positions and allowing it to continue certainly does not help suppress and ease their hormone-driven "self control".

i stood in back and watched this whole thing unfold and could not believe what i was seeing. the students were so out of control! at a school in the states, it would have been stopped immediately and students would have been sent back into their classrooms. there is no excuse for how all my kids acted at that pep rally, or how the administration allowed, and even supported their actions.



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