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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 3rd 2016

Happy New Year everybody. Now in Taupo on the way down to Waikanae near Wellington to visit friends, then on the ferry on the 5th to the South Island. Was sad to leave Athalie and Alan at Snells Beach, tremendous hosts and such fun. Now been renamed the Pommiegannets!!!! The journey down here was eventful. Went via Rotorua to the see the thermal springs with a view of having a swim in them, as it's raining hard. Popped into the thermal valley, and decided it was too wet to do the 2 hour hike, so jumped back in the car. Wouldn't start....key was stuck in the ignition and couldnt engage gear. Luckily had joined the AA who took nearly 2 hours to come out. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, chucking it down, so played cards ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island January 3rd 2016

Gisteren nog een reisdag. Na een korte nacht in een hotel op het vliegveld zijn we doorgevlogen naar Dunedin, in het zuidoosten van het zuider eiland. Auto huren en door naar Kaka point waar onze eerste stop is. Blij dat we alles van te voren hebben geboekt want nergens zien we kamers vrij. Het is redelijk koud, met af en toe een buitje. Afgewisseld met zon. Veel wind. Beter weer schijnt eraan te komen. Geduld. Vandaag de scenic route naar het zuiden gereden. Onderweg de nodige stops gemaakt voor een wandeling naar watervallen, meren en de bush. Catlins bestaat voor een groot deel uit regenwoud. Prachtige ondoordringbare vegetatie. Aan het eind van de dag zijn we bij Nugget point geweest. Hier zijn pelsrobben. Wel op aanzienlijke afstand. We hebben er veel gezien. De geel-oog pinguïn heeft ... read more
Onze huurauto
Cabin in Kaka point

Oceania » New Zealand January 3rd 2016

Nous avons finalement plus vu les alentours de Queenstone que la ville elle même! Le camping où nous dormions donnait accès à une promenade trop chouette. Ca m'a d'ailleurs trop donné envie de faire du canyoning, car on a vu quelques personnes qui en faisaient dans la rivière qui traversait la ballade! La ville en elle même est vraiment mignonne! C'est le genre de ville dans laquelle je pourrai bien m'installer je pense: un lac, des jardins botaniques, plein de bars et en plus de ca il faisait trop beau quand on a été!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland January 3rd 2016

Sunday January 3 - Today we drove to Auckland via an Icebreaker outlet store. Icebreaker is my favorite brand of clothing. They make everything out of fine merino wool that feels amazing. And is very expensive. They make Icebreaker in New Zealand so we stopped there, an an outlet, hoping for good prices, but I was disappointed. I can get things on sale online for the same price in the states. But Jeroen did get one shirt for a deal, so that was something. From there we drove to Shona's house. Shona is my neighbor's sister that I met a couple of times in Basel. She's been traveling and living down under for a while, and she is almost a year into her two year stint in New Zealand. We were hoping to meet up with ... read more
Mount Eden
Mount Eden
Mount Eden

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island January 2nd 2016

After a week or so in Christchurch and some christmas celebrations there was time for a road trip around the south island. Finally the sun arrived in New Zealand and the first day we drove from Christchurch down the middle, over a lot of mountains and finally to Queenstown. We spent the afternoon, evening and night there going up in the gondola watching some spectacular views and just hanging in the city. The next day we jumped back in the car and took sight on the west coast and fore most the two glaciers of Fox and Franz Joseph and also looking at some other sights along the way. We stayed to night in Greymouth and old gold mining town and the biggest city on the west coast. On day three we headed up north towards ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Opononi January 2nd 2016

Saturday January 2 - Today we had rain again. We drove south to make our way towards Auckland. At Kohukohu we had to take a short ferry ride to Rawene. We stopped in Opononi at an info site to book a campsite for the night and then drove to the Waipoua Kauri forest, where some of the oldest (1200-2000 years old) and largest remaining Kauri trees live. We walked around there and were amazed by the trees - if only the pictures could do them justice. We stopped at Dargaville, the largest producer of kumara (sweet potatoes) in New Zealand. We had fish and chips at a shop there, where the chips were special for being sweet potato chips (fries) with sour cream. Yum and yum. The holiday park in Matakohe was very quiet, with no ... read more
Campsite at Ahipara
I kept slipping on this
Ahipara campsite

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 1st 2016

New years Eve we tried to sleep around 10pm just after speaking to my parents and wishing them a happy new year and chatting about the day, we woke up to first midnight! So we did get to see the new year in after all! We then both fell asleep and the alarms went off at exactly the same time of 5am!! We jumped up, got changed and went to have some toast to get the carbs in BUT we walked to the kitchen and it was locked shut! You know what we did... Ate a piece of bread, had a handful of rice krispies and had a tiny carton of juice. We were ready for the Tongariro Crossing!! On our way down through the hostel, we saw a few sights (bearing in mind it was ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga January 1st 2016

Friday January 1 - Today we continued our journey north, stopping in Cooper's Beach in Doubtless Bay along the way. The weather was not very good - a lot of wind and rain. The van kept blowing to the side and Jeroen had to make constant corrections. We stopped at a store that sold wooden objects made from Kauri trees that died and were buried in the swamp 45,000 years ago. Pretty amazing. The Kauri (cow-ry) tree is the largest and most famous tree from New Zealand. They are enormous but there are so few of them left now. Inside the shop they had a staircase that was built through an old kauri tree that is priced at $2.5 million! From there we continued up to Cape Reinga, the northernmost point of New Zealand, where the ... read more
Ancient kauri tree staircase
Ancient kauri tree staircase
Dramatic weather in Cape Reinga

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Mount Maunganui December 31st 2015

Okay so we got to Taraunga Central Backpackers hostel and if we hadn't paid for two nights upfront, we would have left! It stank of BO, we weren't shown to our room and as soon as we walked in we sort of just looked at each other, sat on the bottom bunks (sleeping on the bottom bunk in a hostel is amazing) and said... Well, at least it's 2 nights...! We just didn't feel safe there at all, we went to check out the toilets and kitchen, filthy, scared to live there. We actually had to eat off of our hands which was hilarious but kind of sad that we didn't want to eat off of the plates or eat with cutlery! Okay so we got to Taraunga Central Backpackers hostel and if we hadn't paid ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland December 31st 2015

My last blog for this year! And just in time! After our night in Wanaka we drove to Queenstown to fill Bertha up, and then over Crowne's Pass, which might be the highest pass we've taken this holiday. It was hairpin bends all the way down to Arrowtown. We had a little mosey there(lovely little town but far too crowded, mostly with asian tourists). So onwards to Te Anau! We spent 2 beautiful days in Te Anau, and went on a GORGEOUS boattrip to Doubtful Sound. Which isn't as easy to get to as Milford, by the way. We were collected from our holiday park by bus, driven to Manapouri, to take a ferry across Lake Manapouri, to a small jetty next to a big power station(and nothing else), to then be loaded back on to ... read more
Signpost at Bluff. We are soooo far away from home!
Sea lion in Surat Bay
The beautiful coastline of the Catlins

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