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March 3rd 2012
Published: March 3rd 2012
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Sea kayaking Pohutukawa CoastSea kayaking Pohutukawa CoastSea kayaking Pohutukawa Coast

It looks beautiful- I'm excited
In my last blog I stated I booked my trip to Bay of Islands. Since then I also signed up to go sea kayaking at the Pohutukawa Coast. This is through GlobaLinks so I will be with other students that attend the different Universities around Auckland. I've very excited for this because I like kayaking but I have only done it on a lake. The pictures of it look absolutely gorgeous. This morning I also booked my flight to Australia for spring break! I had some complications booking this flight so I'm glad it finally all worked out. I will be there for about a week and I will be meeting my friend Daniela there. She was in my AustraLearn group the first week I was here, but goes to the University in Wellington so I haven't seen her since. Another trip I will be going on soon is to Tongariro National Park. I will be going with 15 other students that live in the same apartment complex as I do. Here we are going to hike the volcano, I'll hopefully get to see lake Emerald, and some of us intend to go skydiving as well! As of right now that's all I have planned for my weekend excursions!

Last night I went to a bar called Cock and Bull to see the Black Peppers play. One of my "instructors" (I don't know what else to call him) from AustraLearn plays in the band. It was nice seeing him again because it's been about two weeks! His band was really good too! At this bar we also met another AustraLearn group, that go to AUT, that also came to see Paul's band play. It was a fun night of meeting/talking to them and dancing!


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