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February 27th 2012
Published: February 27th 2012
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Today I attended my first papers. My first one was Management (Organisational Ethics and Sustainability). The professor didn't fo over any course material, but rather just talked to us and tried to get us comfortable with everyone in the class. He sent us outside for 15 minutes to get us out of the classroom environment to meet and just to the other students. it was neat how he approached the paper and how he preceived things. He talked about how over the years we (students) have learned to be shy in class and afraid to say the wrong thing or give an incorect answer. He wanted us to show up to class as adults, not students because he wanted us to learn and not just focus on how we would be assessed for the paper. This professor was sweet as and I feel I will learn a great deal from him!! My next class was business 151G (Communication in a Multicultural Society). The professor for this paper just went over what to expect and had us discussing multicultural communication in groups. She seemed really nice, but the class seems like it will be a little demanding with our presentations. After she let us go for the day I formed a group with three other girls in order to get a jump start on our presentation. My papers today weren't as bad as I expected by any means. However, it is only the first day! Tomorrow I have Communication Processes, Marketing Management and my Management class again.


27th February 2012

It's always nice to come across another TBer in Auckland :-) Best of luck with the studies!

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