Day 357: The End!

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January 18th 2008
Published: January 26th 2008
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Wow, we can barely believe it, we are back in …. NEW ZEALAND!

After visiting 36 countries in 6 different continents, we’ve clocked up a shocking 43 flights, flown just over 151 hours and spent roughly 96 hours hanging at airports around the world! We’ve crossed 19 land borders, traveled by plane, bus, train, overland trucks, 4wd, ferry, on foot, by flippers, camels, horses, inner tubes, hire-cars, mini buses, quad bikes, scooters, gullets, makoro(canoe), steamboat, cruise ships, tuk-tuk, ambulance!, cable cars, river boats and taxis!

We've slept in 5 star hotels, in tents, a couple of hostels, hotels of every star rating from 2-5, cruise ship, under the stars, in thatched huts, under Bedouin tents, under the stars on top of a mountain, in an open air hut in the amazon, guest houses, wood cabins, planes, on deck chairs on beaches, at airports, at friend's houses, on a traditional wooden junk (boat), overnight bus and an overnight train.

We didn't cook approx 736 of our own meals this year - whether we be dining out, eating at our accommodation, or friends having cooked for us.... (working on 3 meals a day, this was out of the 1071 meals we had on our trip - making a pretty good ratio!)

We got charged by a bull elephant in Botswana, floated in the Dead Sea in Jordan, hung out in princely castle gardens in the Czech Republic, drove through a snowstorm in the Canadian Rockies, climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean - 200 feet above the sea in the Caribbean, hiked through hail and snow to 4850m above sea level on Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador and took crazy photos in the Salt Flats of Boliva - just to name a few of the crazy extremes of our trip.

This year has realy flown by! It really feels like the end to an era. We’ve made so many great new friends all over the world, and had some of the most amazing, beautiful, shocking, crazy, fun, insane, memorable times of our lives! And of course, now it has been fantastic catching up with family, been amazing to get Oslo and Bali back and great planning on catching up with all our wicked friends at home - make a spot in your busy lives for us as we can’t wait to catch up with you all! We've missed you like crazy!!

To all of you who have stuck with our blog over the year, thanks for sticking with us and tuning in to all our latest adventures! It’s really meant a lot to us to get all your emails and all your latest gossip from NZ and abroad!

Proposed next trip? Hopefully Central America then a bit more Vegas shopping on the way home, Summer 08/09. If anyone wants to join us, let us know!

Until then, ciao! and keep in touch wherever you are in the world right now!

The End...


28th January 2008

You guys are seriously like the coolest people ever. Thank you so much for keeping us entertained with your blogs. You make us kiwi's proud! Hope you have an awesome welcoming home party, im sure NZ will be VERY happy to have you dudies home :)
28th January 2008

its all over, so sad! i have totally loved reading these blogs, now what am i going to do!! haha.
7th February 2008

I've loved your blog, thanks for the cool travelling stories, hope to see you at the pub or the beach! Shar

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