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February 25th 2011
Published: February 25th 2011
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Thank you all so much for the messages - it is a very strange lot of emotions we are going through now - on one level we are trying to act normally and at the same time the news from Christchurch is still so harrowing. And we feel exhausted all the time.
Our drive down here - we took 2 days and stayed in cabins in campsites - which were lovely. A little side trip down off the main road yesterday had us picknickning at the foot of Mount Cook- and the clouds cleared so we did see the summit.
One of the effects of the Quake was a HUGE bit of the Tasman Glacier fell off into the feeder lake - and I think we could see the effects of that in Lake Punaki ( might have that name wrong) as the water levels were very high and it wassuch a milky pale blue colour - lots of silt formthe galcier I expect.
Terry drove and we enjoyed the beautuiful scenery - tussock hills - long mountain passes- and the wind eroded clay cliffs.
At the end of our journey it was an easy ride into Wanaka to our cabin (we had booked in the morning) with beautiful views all around us. A quick tripto the supermarket for food and wine and a bottle of port - we were set up. So you see - we are trying to be normal now.
And another lucky stirke as we turne dup at my timeshare apartment at 10 am this morning to aks when we could be in was that the previous people ahd left early so our apt was ready an dwe got in staright away. Its a beautiful place and lovely modern decor - and we have a balcony, there is a nice pool and huge hot tub - so we have alreayd done that and had a walk to the lake - and fish n chips is onthe cards tonight.

Was someone watching over us !!!??? well as you know I am not religious nor a believer except in human love and endeavour...but when I went into the cathedral I lit a candle for Michael - I always do that in a cathedral I visit... so we did say thank you Michael afterwards.

Thanks for all the offers of help from my lovely New Zealand friends - I think I have to take a bit of time this week to think about my plans and whether I want to make any changes now.

I only get 30 mins free interent here a day - so time is running out- just thought I would say hello and let you know how we are doing.
Love Lynne


25th February 2011

Glad you guys are doing o.k Thinking of you Love Bev & Peter
27th February 2011

Hi Lynne nice to hear that you are trying to get back to 'normal'. hard for us to understand what you must have gone through! probably worse the fact that you had experienced a minor shake before the 'big' one.Still constant coverage over here on tv. reckon it may be hard to get over the experience but good that you have Terry & Marilyn with you so you can all talk things through. try and carry on with your hols best that you can. Thinking of you love John & Marilyn (& all the bonnies)XX
4th March 2011

So glad you are safe, but for others...
Hi Lynn, So very glad to learn that you escaped the dreadful events in Christchurch, and by the skin of your teeth by the account you wrote; when you get home and read that blog you will re-live the experience and marvel at your good luck. We feel for the population of Christchurch, though, as it is going to be a nightmare for them to get back to anything like normal for a long time. I am amazed at their fortitude. Anyway, continue to enjoy your travels and your remarkable good fortune - you do seem to be truly blessed. Keep well. Dee xxx

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