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July 19th 2009
Published: July 19th 2009
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Two ways I journey nowadays - not that I have given up real travel altogether:

1. Internet - it's utterly unbelievably wonderful

2. Travellers come to us

Yes we live in a corner of the universe that is slowly being discovered.. our kind of visitors are the outdoor sort - love wildlife, landscape, wild seas, an adventure with nature.. from all continents and all with great stories to tell and opinions from far away.. we adore a lively conversation over a glass of wine or a morning coffee.

I spent my twenties overlanding and working, first in Africa then in South America.. grew up in Scotland on a farm, ended up on a NZ farm with a lot of tropics in between!

In recent years I have visited Mexico, S France, Switzerland, W and E Canada, USA, UK of course and had long trips across Australia in our own vehicle, up to 10000km per year. I am long past going just to see famous sights - it is much more satisfying to get involved with day to day life in a foreign place and also wonderful to catch up with friends from long ago.

Right now I am more in love with New Zealand than ever, after 31 years here. I think there are so many more corners to discover than one can ever really experience in a lifetime. We still find new places, not far from home. And North Island is like another country!

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20th September 2009

She is also an excellent correspondent. I enjoy tremendously my discussions on a wide range of subjects with her, not only travel. She has has added a lot of joy to my life, merely, from the long interesting discussions, we have on the Internet, sometimes for hours. Often , their will be silence - has she gone ? I now know how her mind works ! If there is something I have mentioned, and she does not comprehend what I have mentioned, without me knowing it - she was consulting the Internet for the answer.! A very clever lady is Christine.

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