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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Routeburn Track May 27th 2020

After finishing the Milford Track, I overnighted at Te Anau, before been picked up by the Ultimate Hikes coach to take us to the start of the Routeburn Track. The Routeburn Track is only a 3 day and 2 night trek, covering just over 32 kms. The start of the walk was up hill and after about an hour we came to Key Summit. This gave you some great views over the lake and towards the mountains. The trail was quite easy and the rainfall over the last few days, gave the landscape some great waterfalls and swollen rivers. When going through some tree lined areas, the track was surrounded by trees covered by moss and granfathers beard which gave it an enchanted look. Absolutely beautiful. Day two, was probably the best day of both treks. ... read more
Routeburn Track
Routeburn Track
Routeburn Track

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Routeburn Track February 17th 2017

Last day trekking the Routeburn track. The bunkhouse was up at 7amish again. It's amazing how everyone, even outside our group, just naturally goes to bed and gets up with the sun all around the same time. After ibuprofen, coffee and breakfast, we set out on our final day. Immediately we climbed up, which we decided was unfair because the topography map provided by the DOC made it seem like it was all virtually downhill from here on out. Boy were we disappointed. It atleast made sense, though. We had to get out of that valley somehow. We passed a lot more of the faerie glen terrain (as Clive called it), with tree roots covering boulders the size of cars again. It was so pretty and so unlike what I've seen back home on my hikes. ... read more
Elevation Map
Sunrise at Lake Mackenzie
Lake Mackenzie Morning

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Routeburn Track February 16th 2017

Since we decided to hit the trail by 9am, we were back up out of bed at 7am. Thanks to a sleep med from Laura and the antihistamines I brought, and ear plugs and a sleep mask, I slept incredibly hard. I didn't hear the snoring chorus in the hut but I'm told there was one. I met my first Kea on my way to the common room for coffee and breakfast. They're giant parrots with red under their wings. They're apparently very intelligent. They'll shred anything you leave out on the porch just in the hopes of finding food. Or maybe just as punishment because you didn't leave food. They also like to slide off the roofs for fun. I got pretty close to a pair of Kea and took pictures. No joke, they look ... read more
Elevation Map
Good Morning, Hubby, I want Coffee
Clear Sunrise over Routeburn Flats

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Routeburn Track February 15th 2017

We were all up and back at The Ark with our gear at 730am. There was an incredible sunrise over the mountains and lake. We made it back to Queenstown in a little over an hour, picked up much needed coffee and breakfast- which was Starbucks and meat pies- and then stopped at a delicious cookie place (Cookie Bar) because our flight attendant the day before highly recommended it. Hella good cookies, especially the cookie shots. You can tell how much we all liked this place just by how many freakin pictures we took of it. Then we drove back the way we'd came towards the Routeburn Track trailhead. I had it all figured out and had we made our flight everything would have been incredibly convenient. Despite everything, it all worked out,and we were finally ... read more
Sunrise at Kinloch Lodge
Beautiful Morning at Kinloch Lodge
Kinloch Lodge

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Routeburn Track January 26th 2017

Retour rapide par Glenorchy sous le grand soleil pour faire une partie de la great Walk : Routeburn. 19kms de post card :) Arrêt à Wanaka pour voir Andy et grimper. En fait son silence venait d'un bug de mon réseau... Domage!!! Il faut trop que je revienne vivre ici c'est de la bombe. J'ai rencontré Jb un guide, pote de Looping (mon premier guide UCPA : le monde est petit). J'ai demandé à etre aspi j'attends une réponse. Puisqu'entre temps mon boulot de Wanaka m'a planté... On file sur la west coast pour remonter ou plutôt la wet coast comme on la surnomme. Sur les conseils d'Andy on mange des White Baits (caviar d'ici, genre de bichiques de la Réunion) et on se fait loger par le vendeur dans son shed au top :) On ... read more
Glenorchy : sur le chemin du Routeburn
Toujours plus gros en Nz!
Des paysages à couper le souffle

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Routeburn Track October 3rd 2014

October 3 - After a hearty breakfast at the Kinloch Lodge, we headed for the Routeburn Track, one of the most popular tracks in New Zealand. The full track is 32 km long, and we were doing just a portion of it. Near this area is where the scenes for Isengard in LOR were filmed. The track is a long, gradual uphill. Thick, mossy brush and ferns grow along the edge of a very steep valley that contains a clear aquamarine stream. There were a few suspension bridges along the path we followed that spanned this stream. The track had been altered since Brian was on it last. It now went up the mountain, skirting the marsh-filled flat. Perhaps this was done so the track would not get flooded out when there were heavy rains, but ... read more
Mountain Magic
The Routeburn Track
Over we go!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Routeburn Track February 28th 2011

From Mt Cook we drove to Queenstown where we began our first attempt at one of New Zealand’s 10 “Great Walks”. The Great Walks aren’t exactly easy on the budget compared to other tracks in the country, but being the hikers that we are we figured we had to see what all the fuss is about. Our first day we had beautiful weather and it was also a fairly short day to get to Routeburn Flats. Unfortunately most of the day was spent hiking in the trees with no views, but the forest and river are quite nice. The next day was a long day where we hiked past Routeburn Falls up and over the Harris Saddle and then back down to Lake Mackenzie. This is meant to be the best part of the track where ... read more
Routeburn flats from above
Lake Harris and waterfall

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Routeburn Track December 24th 2010

Tuesday 12-14 Off we go! A good night’s sleep and we feel much better, less frantic & worried. F’ing migraine hit, though. Oh well. We headed out to the Routeburn Track good & early. Started hiking @ about 10am and arrived at our overnight hut @ Routeburn Falls by 1pm. Not too bad. The forests here are very beautiful – not exactly dark, foreboding Lord of the Rings – but lush, green, moss-covered fairy-tale-like forests. VERY different than the Na Pali Coast; still wet & rocky but this time cold & alpine. We hiked over the craggy rocks, alongside a river & passed by a few waterfalls. The overnight cabin was really nice! The bunk beds remind me of Scout camp, though. We were told to be aware of keas and possums who like to come ... read more
Starting the Routeburn Trek
Routeburn forest
Routeburn forest

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Routeburn Track November 21st 2008

Rain in the forecast and bitter cold nights... I was undecided as to whether I should hike the Routeburn Track... And then I talked with a former ranger who had spent several years working in the huts, and she told me I could rent a Gortex jacket, trekking pole, and just about anything else I would need for the hike. So I decided this was an experience I couldn't pass up. The first day poured rain and the waterproof jacket paid off in big dividends. Other than unpredictable weather, New Zealand is a hiker's dream. No snakes, bears or preditor animals! The trail went through a mossy rain forest that reminded me of the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington State back home. Lots of waterfalls, including a huge one that practically splashes over you. Between that ... read more
Earland Falls towers over the track.
McKenzie Hut
Kitchen in the hut

Forgot to publish at the time..will add the photos once we get back from Thailand... Yo yo fullas summers done, fresh snow up the hills and temps have chilled down big time. Guide season pretty full on this time round and ready was for a break by the end. Did a mish down Stewart Isl with Forest, Josh & Rusteye couple weeks back. Primo time spent kiwi watching, fishing, drinking constantly, eating almost as much, swiming, tramping, dolphins, penguins chilling. Anybody spending time down these ways cant go past the island, by far clearest water ever seen. Keri and I heading off this arvo to Auckland stay with whanau then Thailand friday! Sweet going for bout a month heading south Phuket then north Chaing Mai doing the touristy thing so finally some international blogs again. So ... read more

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