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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown December 6th 2012

Yes it us raining again! Took another couple of hr walk by Lake Te Anua befire I left this morning and drove straight to Queenstown. Took a couple of coffee stops as I was finding it difficult to concentrate. As I got closer to Queenstown I realised that I was starting to get a migraine. So found a campsite so I could take a nap. Paid my money, pulled on to my pitch then spotted a very low flying plane. I had decided to nap under the flightpath at an international airport. DON'T LAUGH, IT IS NOT FUNNY!! Any way slept for about 3hrs and feeling much better now. Migraine is probably due to all the coffee I have been drinking on the trip. I am addicted to the flat whites they serve, I have not ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 23rd 2012

Our next stop was Queenstown, the adrenaline junky hotspot of the South Island and we stayed three nights on Moke Lake, a ten minute drive out of town. The weather was fantastic and we fitted in a couple of walks as well as enjoying QT centre with its hustle and bustle of bars and cafes and beautiful views of the Remarkables and Wakatipu Lake. After spending our first day walking, eating veggie pies, sitting in the sun and drinking corona we decided it was time for white water rafting and we were both well excited! No one told us that to get to the start of the rapids on the Shotover River we would have to travel on one of the world’s most dangerous roads! Can you believe it?! It was absolutely terrifying, I didn't actually ... read more
Sunset at Moke Lake Campground
Rafting fun
Lunch break at a small stream

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 21st 2012

14. November 2012 Von Wanaka nach Queenstown Die ausgepackten Koffer haben ihren Inhalt schon am Vorabend zurück bekommen und nur noch die am Morgen benötigten Dinge sind zu verstauen. Wir bezahlen unsere Rechnung an der Reception und setzen uns in Richtung Queenstown in Bewegung. Das Wetter ist angenehm, nicht zu heiss und auch kein Regen, ideal zum Reisen Wir sind etwa eine halbe Stunde unterwegs, als vor uns ein Jeep auftaucht, der ein Schild mit folgendem Inhalt auf dem Dach montiert hat: "House Ahead" Hääää? Typisch neuseeländisch, wo sonst kann man so etwas lesen. Wir haben kaum Zeit uns zu fragen was das denn soll, als wir es sehen, das Haus! Mitten auf der Strasse fährt tatsächlich ein ganzes Haus, möbliert, mit Vorhängen und allem. Klar, das Haus fährt nicht von selbst, es ist Huckepack auf ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 17th 2012

We had planned to travel to Queenstown on this very important day to celebrate a big birthday with our friend Sarah! I was pretty excited to get to spend my birthday with someone else from home (apart from James obviously!) makes things a bit nicer! So we were up a bit earlier than I would have liked in order to get to the airport for our short flight. Unfortunately the flight was delayed, meaning spending more time in the airport than anyone would like for a birthday, but it was a short delay and we were soon on our way. Flying into Queenstown was really special! You get really low under the snow capped alps, into a narrow valley where the runway is. We were waiting for Sarah to finish work and meet us so we ... read more
Looking out over the lake
start fof the night....not too bad!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 17th 2012

A wonderful town located on the southern lake district of the south island. Cosmopolitan feel and restaurants to match. Stunning scenery with the lake surrounded by mountains and activities winter and summer taking place here. We visited a conservation project in a bird park and were privileged to see a breeding pair of kiwi. This is a flightless bird, endangered save for the breeding programme. They are nocturnal creatures so the enclosure is bathed in red light to create the impression of darkness to the bird and, when the tourists have departed, the keepers change the light to fluorescent to simulate daylight so the birds return to their burrows (they are a cross between bird and mammal). We were very lucky in that not only did we see the birds copulate but they also called out ... read more
High fliers

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 10th 2012

We spent a full day and night of traveling, but made it from Sydney to Auckland to Queenstown. We even registered for classes at 1am in the airport, an hour after our flight landed, minutes after getting out of customs. Stressful. The Flaming Kiwi was the name of our hostel. Once we got to our room, we passed out for 3 hours. We woke up, got a bite to eat in town, then came home and watched 2 chick flicks back to back with our hostel friends. This English guy was telling us there was no such thing as true love so we should just give it up already. He was kinda funny. Friday early morning we went ziplining! We coasted through the trees and saw the most beautiful view high in the mountains of the ... read more
Crazy backdrop

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 9th 2012

On our first morning in Queenstown we jumped right into the adventure with zip lining! The weather was beautiful and we had a great view of the town and landscapes on the gondola ride up to the top of the mountain. The tour included 6 zip lines that scaled their way down the mountain through the trees. The first platform was where they gave us instructions and strapped us in. The line was relatively short and slow so that everyone could see how comfortable he or she was with zip lining. I had never been zip lining before and it was such a cool experience! It wasn’t scary at all and it felt like I was just gliding through the trees On the next line they showed us how to flip upside down. I love that ... read more
Ice Bar
Ice hockey

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 8th 2012

Well we have arrived in Queenstown and the views are amazing. We travelled up through Otago and the views again were spectacular - I think I need to take back my original thoughts that New Zealand was just like Scotland as some of the scenery here is even more amazing than the scenery in Scotland (sorry Scotland). We have booked into a little B&B and found it immediately so no cross words in the car today, ha ha. The B&B is right on the waterfront and our vista (posh words or what!) from our room is amazing. We have to go to the trek office today where we are starting our trek to find out what we definitely need to take as it has a chill in the air here and I am not sure what ... read more
King of all he surveys

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 5th 2012

In the spirit of my last day trip, i quickly planned my next day adventure. I set it for only 2 weeks later. In between the two day trips i flew down to Wanganui for my baby sisters birthday, so in short, i was doing a lot of flying!! Earning my status points alright :) 
I arrived at the airport late, i checked in and pretty much walked straight out onto the plane. The online seat map was pretty full, so i grabbed seat 7D. Before my gold status, i always like row 7 i the Bombardier Q300. The window was in the right place, not like in rows 6&8 where you nearly have to look backwards to see out your window. The plane filled to around 40/45 passengers and we took off. It was a ... read more
Lunch on the Lake

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown October 21st 2012

The next day we spent doing pretty much bugger all. The weather was crap and I'm glad of it because after drinking the night before I wasn't in the mood to do a great deal of anything. We did however book ourselves onto a bus for the next morning to take us up to Cardrona for a days snowboarding. We were very lucky with the weather as the rain the previous day down in Queenstown equaled snow up on the mountains and it was a blue bird day all day for snowboarding. I've done 2 boarding holidays before but only ever with 1 or 2 friends so it was awesome to have a group of us up there over 10 strong. Although keeping in a group of that size proved to be impossible due to us ... read more
Snowboarding in Cardrona

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