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March 6th 2011
Published: March 6th 2011
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Hello folks
Just thought I would write a few words in case anyone is still worrying about me.
I am ok but suffering a case of writers block in addition to not having had much access to the internet. We (that's me Marilyn Terry and Angela) have had a good week at Wnaka Lake -a lovely resort...so being in the hot tub and the beautiful scenery- quite a lot of wine has helped us in the aftermath of the earthquake.
Of course we cant help thinking about those who are struggling there and those who have lost family and friends. In fact Rosslyn who we are staying with has a great niece killed - whoses body has just been found.
So its hard to be flippant and humorous as I was in the blog earlier. So I am sorry but its not likely I will find the same tone again - however i will continue the blog as a record of my trip and get you some fotos next time.
We got to beautiful Queenstown on Friday to stay with Rosslyn and Alastair - another lovely couple who gave us a very warm welcome...and Ross is such a good cook - I am geting fatter and fatter.
Marilyn and Terry leave me tomorrow to fly to Auckland - and I will probably do a trip to the Doubtful Sound.
Mountains look great all round here as we have had a sprinkling of snow on the tops.
So bye for now - I hope to be able to write more in a few days.
Much Love


6th March 2011

The far south
Hi Lynne It was a good sign to see your blog arrive on our computer! I have saved every one into a special folder to read as a complete story in the future. When we see the weather forecast we always think of where you are and what it will be like for you the next day. The far south is as amazing as the far north but in its own way. There is bird life etc. there that you do not see anywhere else. It's not to be missed. As we say in these parts "Kia Kaha" !! Love Jocelyn & Mac
6th March 2011

Glad to hear you are still o.k. I'm sure it will take a while to get over such an ordeal. Thinking of you. Love Bev & Peter
6th March 2011

so good to hear from you again
The title says it all really. Was wondering how you were coping with it all, the whole post traumatic shock thing of it and still being in the country where it happened too. YOu were very much in my thoughts of course and those of so many people on the MW site (there's been a silly spat there this weekend btw.) Keep on writing, it doesn't have to be Booker prize prose, just nice to hear from you. Make the most of still being in a beautiful country. Sue xxx
6th March 2011

Thinking of you.
Hi Lynne, Just to let you know I'm thinking about you (and all the people who experienced the earthquake). Please pass my condolences to Ross and Alistair. Such a lovely couple. I hope all is well with their son's family in Christchurch. Try to relax in the beauty of Queenstown. A walk around Queen's Gardens is peaceful and stunning. Take Care. Love Anne
7th March 2011

writer's block
Lynne, keep writing, we all love to hear from you and keep up to date with your travels. Must be difficult for everbybody with the present circumstances but we are all constantly thinking about you. Fond wishes, keep smiling fiona & bill
8th March 2011

Writers Block! Not possible for Mrs Brown. We are in Sydney Lynne. Going for dinner with Angela and Ed tonight.
9th March 2011

What's it all about, Alfie!!!!
Hi Lynne, Maureen as you no doubt know has just come home from Hospital, after having her foot operated on, and can not put it to the ground for a month, so we went around last night and supplied dinner, we were all talking about you and your miraculous escape in Christchurch. This is one hell of a holiday for you, one you won't forget in a hurry. Ki nd Regards, Wilma.
9th March 2011

Dear Lynne Your description of the earthquake was very moving; thank you for putting your experiences down so vividly. I hope you enjoy the rest of your tour -down- under. Are all the people you stay with Intervac contacts? I have enjoyed following your blogs Maureen

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