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July 11th 2009
Published: July 11th 2009
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[youtube=GsG-3pOlA0k]We got back to the bungy office and took off our harnesses. Next up was our canyon swing. We had a couple of choices as to how to jump. You could do it on your own or you could do a tandem jump. We decided on the tandem. Because of our weight difference though we couldn’t do it side by side and Michelle had to sit in my lap. We had to walk out on a 70m bridge to the platform. Other people were there jumping before us. I was up for it and excited as it was a tandem swing. Michelle didn’t really fancy another freefall but was looking forward to it as well. Soon we were strapped up in new harnesses, kind of like a swing except with more straps! We were put in to position and lowered out off the platform, dangling over the canyon. You can see in the video that the guy had to kick my feet off the platform to get us in to place. I didn’t realise until I saw the dvd. With this jump you are not in control of when you go, which in fact makes it easier. It takes the decision making out of it. All we had to do was tell the guy when we were ready and he would hit the button to release us to our destiny. He gave the call for us to say when we were good to go. I said ready straight away as I didn’t fancy hanging there for much longer. There is a split second where you sit there before gravity kicks in. It’s very minute, but you can feel it. The rush towards the ground was obviously faster seen that there was the two of us and then eventually the swing kicks in and swings you across the canyon. It was a crazy feeling and both of us were happy to be back on solid ground when it was over.

I think my bungy days are over too. I’m afraid you are hearing of my retirement on this blog. The build up to the jump can blur the whole experience for some. Although, there is a jump in Asia at 233m, the highest in the world, that might just take me out of retirement if I was to ever pass its way!

Next up is a trip to Milford Sound. Rated as the top destination in world by Tripadvisor (one of the top internet travel websites) we are really excited. It is meant to be incredibly picturesque and full of wonderful sea life. Better charge my camera then!

In a bit. DH

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11th July 2009

sooo brave! :)
wow guys....ye really are my bravest 2 friends ever! .....think thats the closest il ever get to doin it! way crazy...:)

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