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July 29th 2018
Published: August 2nd 2018
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Visiting Queenstown in New Zealand was one of our goals of 2018 - and it has been accomplished! This is one of New Zealand's most famous sites, attracting more than 3 million visitors annually! Here, there are a thousand and one things to do, so a weekend isn't enough to know this magnificent island in depth, but still, we could do a lot.

Queenstown is known as the adventure capital, so we wanted to get a dose of adrenaline in this magnificent place.

1. Bungy Jumping

Bungy Jumping is one of the best activities we can do in Queenstown. Through AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand, a company known all over the world for its safety and exceptional quality, we can make a jump of 43 meters high or a crazy 134 meters!

At 20 minutes from Queenstown, a place to jump is the 43-foot Kawarau Bridge over the Kawarau River, we jumped into the blue water, with the colorful landscapes, that gave us great videos and photos to later remember.

If you want something even riskier, Nevis Bungy, on the Nevis River, will allow you to jump from an incredible height of 134 meters. Would you have the courage?!

2. Flyboard

A diving suit, a life jacket, a helmet and feet tied to the board, and we're all set to fly! If you don't know what the Flyboard is, you don't know what you're missing! On the Flyboard, your feet are attached to a jet ski through and a hose that then lifts you up into the air, and all you need to do is keep your balance and prepare to hit the water.

3. Queenstown Hill Time Walk

The Queenstown Hill Time Walk is a beautiful scenic hike that takes approximately 2 hours. Along the trail, we found signs that gave information about the past and present of the place. At the end of the walk, we found the Basket of Dreams, a work of art that approaches the future. We follow to the dome of Te Tapunui, a special place with a breathtaking 360º view.

4. Jet Boat Ride

We kept the adventure and take a jet boat ride, one of the first adventure activities in Queenstown's history. The choice is immense so it can be difficult to choose. We choose the Kawarau River and Lake Wakatipu, they gave us a fantastic adventure, after all, we passed through narrow gorges, skirt rocks, rotate 360º, only on the boat. I guarantee that the adrenaline will be in the red!

5. Eat a Fergburger

After so much activity it's time to fill the stomach. We had to wait an hour to eat a Fergburger (at lunchtime you wait less time), but I guarantee the wait will be worth it. This is an epic burger and completely delicious, which offset the waiting time.

There are so many other activities and places to visit on a holiday in New Zealand, here are just gathered some of the best for a brief weekend. Whatever you choose to do/visit, Queenstown will undoubtedly be remembered fondly, and with a willingness to explore further – we will certainly be returning soon!


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