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January 12th 2018
Published: January 12th 2018
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My very last day

Yes that does mean that I have lost 3 days of blogging and I plan to do these on my return to the UK Catch-up style. I tried to upload my Christchurch day 4x and lost it all 4x due to internet connections not working so I am afraid I will have to come back to that - And I need to come back to Akaroa and the swimming in the ocean with dolphins and the giants house - And our trip in torrential rain through Arthurs Pass (and possibly the most beautiful valley ever - if only we could have seen it through the cloud and the rain) and onto Franz Joseph and the glassier. So at least 3 more blogs after this one - you lucky lucky people.

Currently I am sitting in our Suite at the Hilton Resort and Spa Queenstown - only booked it last night and we were lucky enough to get an upgrade - so our twin room is now a twin suite with 2 king-sized bed rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 dinning areas, a kitchen, a lounge, a patio and a utility room - slightly bigger than the van then !!! I think we are both very happy to have the additional space.

Tomorrow, I start the mammoth journey home and I am not ready - I want to stay here, please, instead? It will be nice to see Dad and the cat but as I am currently here in a vest and summer skirt - drinking a long iced coffee - whilst the tiny birds come in close to eat the crumbs I have left them (it is all very 1930's Disney I may even be a princess - but I am waiting to find out) I am not ready to come home. I will just console myself with the fact that I will have to come back as I have merely scratched the surface of this lovely place.

So today - we got up early to continued torrential rain and had to be on the road by 9am - coffee in hand - the reason for this was two fold 1. we deviated from the plan and now were behind by 1 1/2 days and 2. the route we had planned to take home had to be changed as the road we want to use is apparently too dangerous for our type of vehicle, so we had to take a longer route round.

Again amazing scenery and not as scary as yesterday (you'll find out about that in the third of my over due instalments) then we handed back the van (plus a new dent oopsy) and they were great about the lack of internet and refunded us. Went back to Victoria's to say good bye to Holly the Hound :-( and to pack my bags which are full of her things and I fear a tad heavy - slightly worrying - I wonder if the room has scales? Then we came here to our little retreat for the night and I do have to say it is hot it is lovely and have I mentioned I think I would like to stay (well until winter when it'll be summer in the UK).

See you all soon lot of love xxxx be nice to me when I get back I will be sad and my shins and ankle still aren't better :-(

Oh yes and if you get the chance come to NZ it is fabulous


12th January 2018

safe travels
Sad as it is, have safe travels back to the other world, gigs await you, be strong xx
17th January 2018

looking forward to the gigs
see you in a couple of weeks for the Briz music scene

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