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January 18th 2009
Published: January 18th 2009
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SAT - hot and sunny today so off to the beach i go! niiice lying in the sun, reading and listening to music, and thats all i did, that's worth mentioning anyway 😊

SUN - mmm beach again today, i have recieved a good dose of vitamin D this weekend 😊

team: sam, me, kate, karl, sophie, lukas, bracht 18 belgium, ray belfast, karl and sun both korea.

MON - was Daves birthday today (he is setting up south island project) so we had a late start, nice lie in, and an early finish 😊 we went to a seal colony near westport after work (cutting down gorse to reveal a pond that was completely hidden before) then into westport where we sneakily bought him birthday cake 😊 twas a nice surprise for him when he came round to the house later that evening. then to the tavern for birthday drinks and to meet the new team who arrived earlier today.

TUES - gorse clearing again today, around the creek outside the office though instead of the pond, oh the joys of gorse! just before lunch a massive cow appeared, that was entertaining. in the evening dave took us for a walk along cave creek, was really nice, beautiful scenery around (thats a given now though, im in new zealand!!) walked down to the river - which wasnt there, it had diverted its course underground so it wa just a dry river bed with massive limestone boulders, they looked like they had been snowed on as they were all white. pretty awesome. came back for about 9.45 and had tea then bed 😊

WEDS - gorse, by the ponds again, can see more of them now, and theres 2 not one!! its amazing what gorse can hide. watched kiss kiss bang bang in the evening (dave bought us dvds for the house bless him). went to the beach afterwards with karl, was nice to stand in the water in the twilight - even if it was freezing, i buried my feet in the sand so they didnt get cramp. i was locked out when i got home though 😞

THURS - gorse again by the ponds, the front of both have been cleared now and 2 and a half of the sides 😊 i saved a dragonfly from drowning too. there's loads of dragon and damsel flies around here. after foo in the evening me and karl went to the beach again for sunset, was stunning 😊 not locked out tonight :D

FRI - nice lie in unitl 9 today and didnt start work unitl about 11 because sam had a meeting with doc (department of conservation). worked for an hour collecting kowhai seeds for growing to then plant in the site we are preparing, had lunch and thend ecided we should call it a day. went to greymouth for the weekend shop, me, kate and karl did our usual, robert harris, strawberry smoothie, me and karl shared a pancake stack too 😊 yummy. sophie's birthday so we had cake then went to the beach for a fire 😊 was nice, went and watched the waves with karl for a while, we freaked eachother out with imagination of the waves coming up over us etc. hehe also watched lightening out over the sea getting closer, we left before the rain settled in

SAT - and the rain really did settle in quite well. chucked it down all of today with barely a break. watched The Notebook again then went to play pool in the tavern with karl, had a chocolate steamed pudding with a fudge cointreau sauce and a dollop of icecream mmmmmmmm karl and sun made sushi for tea tonight, soo gooood!!!

SUN - terrential rain all morning until about now, its a bit brighter out there now (4pm) even had some hail! been on the computer all day!! argh!

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preparing for the beach fire

fish Lukas caught

Jack, Sam and Karl

the fire

left - right: Karl, Sophie, me, Kate, Jack, Sam

Jack cooking the fish

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