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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Queenstown July 29th 2004

It was an 8am start on the ski shuttle to the 'Remarkables' ski area - apparently in the summer months they filmed some scenes for LOTR here. This mountain range is one of the few that runs North-South. It was a little cloudy but the journey up the hill gave me a perfect view of Queenstown and the surrounding area. The Remarkables ski area is the highest in altitude in the region and after 13,5km of winding twisting steep and at times very scary paths in the big bus I was glad to get my feet on steady ground / snow. But almost immediately I was carried in wave of people onto a less stable surface!As a novice skier and a snow virgin I am not accustomed too the ski/board jargon - what the heck is ... read more
Typical group lesson

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Queenstown July 28th 2004

I spent the morning recovering from the party the night before.  We had all gone out to the Red Rock to meet up with other Kiwi Experience passengers and drivers past and present.  Queenstown is normally the point in the trip where people split up and do their own thing or carry on with the tour so we were promissed a party - which is exactly what we got!!  A few of us braved the cold in order to experience the Minus 5 bar, where everything is made of ice including the glasses.  The half hour in the bar wearing thick 'parka' style jackets and furry booties and drinking cocktails was great fun, the maximum time you are aloud to stay is half an hour, but my warm scottish blood could easily have lasted another 30min. When ... read more
Ice Ice Baby

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Queenstown January 3rd 2003

Clare offered me a lift to Te Anua, she had been lent a car from a friend in Christchurch. We got just past Queenstown and it broke down. All power from the engine went and it wouldn’t start. Due to not being able to buy vouchers in New Zealand for her phone Clare was only able to text message to ask her friend how the AA works over here. Her friend had assured her that the AA covered the car. We spent a couple of relaxed hours sunbathing and chatting whilst text messages went back and forth. The final message arrived, problem with the policy, not covered. We hitched back to Queenstown, found a telephone and Clare phoned her friend, he had just called a tow company and the vehicle was about to be recovered. Clare ... read more
Phil, Laura, Clare, Ali
The Cable Car
Looking Down

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Queenstown July 7th 1985

Geo: -45.0311, 168.663Postcard to Paul: We had the most delicious dinner last night! Rack of lamb, some wonderful veggies, salad, cheesecake. Ymmm. Upstairs/Downstairs again! We had also a terrific time shopping yesterday. Weather has been awful - rain, rain - but the sun came out for a few moments and shone on the mountains. Gorgeous!morning laundrydarkshopping againPas to airport -- bye bye!drive 89 highway -- snow!along lakes, sun on this sidelunch along roadcamp by riveromlettelose to Mum at ginread, sleep ... read more

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