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January 13th 2006
Published: January 13th 2006
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well well well. stories to tell, lots to smile about, and memories to last a lifetime. this will probably be my last post in the great land of New Zealand. 2 and a half months are now in the books as we embark on the next leg of this journey of ours.

when the idea first sparked about travelling to NZ, i didnt think it would actually happen. i was 17 at the time, drinking red roaster coffee with andy at the covent garden market. the caffiene count was up and our young minds were at work. the idea to travel opened up a whole new road for us to go down. we brewed up ideas such as camping in the mountains becoming reality. as i sit here today in queenstown, the heart of the south island, waking up to the mountains and coffee, i cannot believe this dream has come true. new zealand has been a huge step for me in my life, and for andy and mike as well. weve conquered a country and seen fire and rain. thank you to everyone who supported us, and prayed for our safety while weve been down this long and winding road.

a new twist has come up. revolutionary ideas have been stirring and a new one has arised. it is booked, tickets bought. we are heading to Australia on feb 3rd. instead of working in Nelson, we are going to be in OZ for a month. now this trip to OZ was not planned at all up until a couple of nights ago. a whole new adventure is about to begin. were going to buy a vehicle and travel through the desert country. stay tuned for that guys, we dont even know what to expect.

thank you all again for coming along with us on this journey. we are all growing day by day in our minds and in our hearts....and mikes growing on his face to, man is he growing. lol until next time guys, thanks for reading, love from the south, and enjoy the new pics.




13th January 2006

Way to kill it guys. Just be careful as u can run out of money quick. Brooke went down in november to NZ and then went up to Australia in december. Hes had 3 jobs, has a car, has broke his hand kite surfing (after teaching it for 3 weeks). Hes killing it. Brett and his buddy jay went down in december and had plans to meet up with brooke in jan, but instead they have run out of money and are coming home, After only being there for a month! Just brutal. Take care of yourselves, and I'm glad u guys decided to check it out.
14th January 2006

Hello Danny
January 14th Looks you are having a real good time. Wish we were there. It looks like we aren't going to Flroida this year. Janary weather has been mild. 6-10°. Some rain. No snow now. Sounds like a nice adventure going to Australia. I guess you know Uncle Peter died on boxing day. Will you be seeing Crocodile Dundee? You should have taken our Outback for travelling in Oz. Take care. Say hello to Andy and Mike. Love Grandpa and Diane
15th January 2006

What?!?! you guys are going to Australia?! In my opinion, i think this a wonderful opportunity. Plus, y not right? You should take advantage of all the opportunities that are given to u cuz who knows when you can experience this again?! As always, I’m EXTREMLY jealous…I’ve always wanted to go to Australia…and now you are going!!! (Is there anyway that you can pick me up and take me with u?! LOL) Well I hope you guys have a fun and exciting last few weeks in NZ! Miss ya, Nancy P.S. Do mind bring back a baby Koala bear for me? If not, a baby kangaroo will do just fine :) hehehe J/P

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