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August 2nd 2004
Published: August 2nd 2004
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After deliberation, I decided to go back to the Remarkables for another days' skiing.  I had enjoyed the first day so much and my skiing had come on heaps in a short space of time so I hired all the gear again and headed up the mountain.
At the end of my last lesson the instructor said I was about a level 3B so I went along for my morning lesson and stood in the 3B line.  We headed straight up the hill and went for a test-run to make sure all the 3As & Bs had assigned themselves to the correct ability group.  Well I had managed to forget almost everything from the previous days skiing and was tkaing it a little too slowly for the 3B group and I was demoted 😞
This must have had a pychological affect on me and my skiing and confidence got worse and worse from that moment on.  Everytime on the chairlift after that I fell trying to get off.  I also had many falls coming down the slope.  I was trying to follow the instructors guidelines when I ended up picking up far too much speed and having the most spectacular and painfall fall so far. 
Somehow instead of doing my usual fall on my bum and everything is ok type fall I went forwards, I managed to bang myself on the back of my head with a ski (while still wearing them) at the same time as falling forwards on to a pole and winding myself, my chin hurtled along the snow until I came to a stop.  This time I wasn't laughing - infact I was the opposite - greetin'.  When they asked me if I was ok, I was clutching the back of my head and my stomach not knowing which was worse.  I think I ended up doing the right thing - got back on the horse - dried my tears, put my sunglasses back on, reattached myself to the skis and headed back down the slope.  By the time I was at the bottom my stomach felt fine and I was too busy to realise that the bump on my head was actually quite big.
It must of been a day for falls because I saw the helicopter a couple of times, the snow patrol whisked past me with a person (although it looked like a body bag) on a sledge and when I went to guest services to buy another lesson there was a guy with his arm in a sling getting a refund on the remainder of his ski pass.
Anyhow the afternoon went much better - I had a better instructor who helped me build up my confidence with the chair lift and the parallel turns.  We did lots of different manouvers to help with balance - and this time I knew I would be sore the next day.  This time I was doing it properly.  I had got off lightly last time re. sore bits the next day - but now I know that was because I had no proper technique.
I headed back to the hostel via the supermarket to pick up some frozen peas.  I spent the rest of the night on the comfy bean bags in the TV room watching sky movies while resting my head on a pillow of cold peas.  Not really the last night in the party town that I had envisaged, but it worked out that all my Kiwi bus travelling buddies were doing the same as me which was cool, and a few folk from the original bus were going to be on the last leg of the journey the next day : )


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