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February 26th 2006
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I always receive the complaints that I am not sharing any photographs of my new home (for another 3 years). So here I am with a few pictures which might give you some idea about how beautiful this place is.

Let me start by a brief introduction of the people I went with. All these are my friends from a student group called REALISE. Taking time to go to the church blessed me with the wonderful company of these people; especially Christina, David, Kathryn and Luke. This time after the church was the plan for a BBQ followed by a trip to Sandfly beach. Now don’t go by its name, it is called so because of the sand that flies when it's windy and not because of the pesky sandfly found all over the Milford area. The beach itself is just absolutely beautiful (as you can see in teh photographs)--an isolated clear, azure colored water with enormous sand dunes.

We were one of the last to reach the beach, thanks to our pilot (Kathryn) and navigator (Malaise). To reach the beach you have to walk a few 100 meters and that too on the gravel. I am sure all
On our way.........On our way.........On our way.........

In Dunedin you can see such lush green hills all around.
the acupressure points of my feet must have been activated. But slowly the gravel gives way to the soft and silky sand. When we reached there all others were already busy jumping from the top.

The best way of hiking down the dunes to the beach is to run full speed yelling and whooping all the way down. Your visit to this beach remains incomplete if you don’t roll down the sand dunes, try sand surfing and have some mighty jumps! And we all made sure that we didn’t miss anything. After jumping for our heart’s fullness we were ready to run down the dunes and let the gravity take care of you, while Luke took a video. By the time we all reached down, running and rolling, everyone was full of sand. You just can’t escape it and neither should you try to (but make sure you dont have your mobil, camera etc with you).

Next was a small race called the “snake run” in which we were to run down the dunes and then sideways and then again down, in a zig zag manner. It wasn’t easy as running on the sand is really difficult and
On our way.........On our way.........On our way.........

A view of the port Chalmers.
the rules of the race made it even worse. The simple rule was that ther is noo rule. You could do anything, push, pull, and knock anyone off. This reminded me of rugby. It was not for winning but preventing others from winning. The only thing everyone was paying attention was how to knock off each other; forget the completion of the race. It was tiring and once again everyone had sand all over.

After spending more than one hour on the sand dunes we finally went further down to the beach. The water was so inviting but poor me, I don’t know how to swim. Some of us were waiting to be on the beach and the very moment they shed their clothes and had a go for swimming while others tried the beach soccer. Now whatever you do on the beach is fun. After the soccer was turn of sand surfing. its simple just take a surf board and jump down the steep dunes lying on it. Wao! What a speed! It is thrilling. The best thing about sand is that you can try anything without thinking about getting hurt. Hurting yourself is the last thing you
The first Glimpse of the sea.The first Glimpse of the sea.The first Glimpse of the sea.

And I thought mountains and sea can never be together!
can do here.

All good things must come to an end, so it was time to go back. Exhaust your self by climbing up the dunes. What a way to spend a weekend. And now tomorrow again back to work and that too at 9 AM for a journal club. Man I hate to go to the lab at 9 on a Monday morning. But this is life.

Additional photos below
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Are we in a beach or a desert? Are we in a beach or a desert?
Are we in a beach or a desert?

Its fun rolling or surfing down the sand dunes!
Wanna Fly?Wanna Fly?
Wanna Fly?

You can try your temptations here.
What a jump!What a jump!
What a jump!

This is Mike with his mighty jump. No one could jump the way he did.
Noone could resist to jump off.Noone could resist to jump off.
Noone could resist to jump off.

All of us tried the jump. It was great.
Do I look funny?Do I look funny?
Do I look funny?

By the time we reached down we all had sand all over.
Ready for the race!Ready for the race!
Ready for the race!

Paul trying to explain the rules of the race...........That there are no rules. just prevent others from winning.
Run baby run.Run baby run.
Run baby run.

Believe me its not easy to run in sand.
Don't let them go.Don't let them go.
Don't let them go.

What a race.
Catch me if you can.Catch me if you can.
Catch me if you can.

Even the spectators were a part of the race.
Who is this Girl??Who is this Girl??
Who is this Girl??

This is the beautiful lady (katheryn) who was generous enough to give a seat in her Pretty red car!

3rd March 2006

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