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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson December 24th 2013

Tuesday 24rd December, 2013. Nelson, South Island, New Zealand Christmas Eve - and another travelling day. Today we are heading to Nelson, the third largest city on the South Island. We are not looking forward to another big city hostel as they are usually skanky - or at least the punters are! We drove straight there as we wanted to have the opportunity to look around and to get the supplies in for Christmas as we have been told everything will be shut. M wrote a list while we were driving. We arrived and found the YH easily - the only problem was parking (there wasn't any free parking at all!). However our luck was in! After 5.00 the public car park around the corner would be free until boxing day! So we paid or 1 ... read more
22. Interior General Store
28. Cottage Hospital, Founders Park
30. Ansair Flexible Clipper

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson December 12th 2013

Lonely Planet describes it as a white knuckle ride, and because the Tasman sea and the Pacific ocean meet here, the straits can be very rough. Shirley was not looking forward to the crossing, especially since the other ferry snapped its prop shaft half way over 1 month ago and has been in dry dock since. On the day, it was a pussy. Calm as a milk pond and a very pleasant 3 hour crossing from Wellington on the North Island to Picton on the south. Shirley actually enjoyed it. The scenery coming into the South was stunning. Fantasmagorical. In fact I really have no appropriate words, which is unusual, I know. Nufff to say that we are now half way through our NZ episode and switch to camper van mode in Christchurch in 3 days. ... read more
Wellington tram
Windy Welly
Leaving Welly behind

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson July 7th 2013

Since leaving the USA in early October 2012 and returning to New Zealand, the "water flowing under my bridge" seems to have been in flood. What?, you say. You know that saying "It's all water under the bridge". Well it feels to me as if there has been a flood going on under my bridge (lots of water). My last blog was tribute to the women in my life and I'm pleased I wrote it. As usual, I get some mixed reactions but I reckon that if everybody agreed with everyone else, that would be boring. The blog before that was from Mt Gambier in South Australia. Well since then lots has happenned which has placed me back in New Zealand living with my Mum & Dad regrouping. This works for all 3 of us. Both ... read more
Unloading a Ukrainian Fishing Boat
Unloading a Ukrainian Fishing Boat
Unloading a Ukrainian Fishing Boat

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson May 6th 2013

I went to Nelson on a complete whim; Christie heard it was amazing and was the sunniest place in NZ. I heard that and I was in. I had no plans coming into NZ. I did a little bit of research before coming but I didn't want to choose the places I would stay beforehand. Back home I am such a planner, so I wanted to just "go with it" here; get right into the chill Kiwi lifestyle. The flight from Auckland to Nelson was so different from domestic flights in the States. You print your ticket, hand them your bags (no security check or taking off your shoes), walk to your gate, get your ticket scanned, walk through a small medal detecter, and then walk straight out to the airplane and walk right on. The ... read more
Big Bear
80s Work Party
Having the time of our lives

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson May 1st 2013

Fandag mogtun wu Firlu hellupun met kookun. Wu haddun heul veul sin in pannunkoekkun, maar Firlu sei dat wu dat niet kondun bakkun want su hat geen bloem. Äpe sei dat hij wel un bloemutju kon plukkun. Su hebbun heule mooju hier op du kemping, ooranju en geul. Mar Firlu sei dat ut wittu bloemmun moestun sijn en die hebbun su hier niet. Dat fondun wu wel jammur, want pannunkoekkun sijn heul lekkur! Firlu sei dat wu wel un eitju kondun bakkun. Dat findun wu ook heul lekkur. Irst gingun wu allus op ut aanregt settun: eitjus, melluk, sout, peepur en kaas. Toen allus klar stont was Äpe kwijt. Guus ging hum ooferal soekun, maar hij kon um niet findun. Äpe hat sig heul goet ferstoppult. Firlu moest Guus hellupun en toen fondun su Äpe tussun ... read more
Äpe hat un heul groot eitju uitgukoosun, hij kon um bijnaa niet tillun
Wij sien ur fet stoer uit met onsu hoetjus van sgillutjus
Ur lagun tewee sonnutjus in ut pannutju

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson April 17th 2013

Onze missie op het zuidereiland: werk vinden en het liefst zo snel mogelijk! Nelson was onze beste optie, door de vele boomgaarden die daar omheen liggen. Op naar Nelson dus via de Queen Charlotte Drive. De eerste dag reden we 50 km door de prachtige Marlborough Sounds naar onze camping voor de nacht. Daar bleek het vol te zitten met medefietsers. Zoveel hadden we er nog niet eerder bij elkaar gezien! Er waren fietsers die alleen op weg waren, maar ook een Duits gezin met een kindje achterop. Helden! Het tweede deel van de rit naar Nelson was iets minder interessant. Dat ging enkel over de snelweg. Wel een steeds duidelijker gevoel dat we de hele warme zomer achter ons hadden gelaten op het noordereiland. Vanaf het moment dat we in Nieuw-Zeeland aankwamen, was iedereen die ... read more
Wanganui, de plek waar Veerle zich anderhalf uur vergaapte aan deze glasblazers
Loungen in ons tentje in Wanganui
Cultureel festival in Palmerston North met ook een Nederlands tentje

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson March 30th 2013

Wu slaapun in un tent. Dat is un soort huisju fan stof. Du tent is groen met greis. Hij is heul mooj, maar niet soo groot als ons huisju in Neederlant. Allu spullun passun ur in en wu kunnun ur allumal in liggun. Maar de fietsjus moetun buitun blijfun en ur sijn ook geen meubuls. Geen taful, geen stoelun en ook geen betjus. Wu slaapun in un heule groote sak. Firlu segt dat ut un slaapsak heet. Firlu heeft un matju waar su op ligt. Dirruk slaapt op du gront. Wij slapun liefur bij Firlu in du slaapsak, dat is feul sagter for onsu billutjus. Wu slapun heul faak in du tent, beinaa ieduru nagt. Dat findun wij heul leuk, want ut is fet spannunt en feul leukur dan slaapun in un betju. Als wu gaan ... read more
Guus proobirt du haaringun in du gront tu duuwun met sijn pootju. Dat deet un bitje pijn.
Wu slaapun in un slaapsak, dat is heul leuk
Hier speelun wu spooku. Firlu en Dirruk schrikkulun dan heul erg, hihi!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson March 9th 2013

Arrived in Nelson just after lunch as it was Sunday most of the shops were closed. Decided to have a walk around, visited the cathedral, followed by a visit to WOW, world of Wearable art, great fun. The event started in Nelson but is now on such a scale that it has been moved to Wellington. It is a mixture of art, fashion and theatre. Some of the costumes were just amazing. There were ones made from metallic materials that looked like flax you find in NZ, some made from padded material very eccentric but great fun. Designers come from all over the world now and there is not another event like it in the world. They are not fashion designers more like artist who work with materials. Have a look at the website As you ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson February 5th 2013

We set off from Wellington bright and early and jumped on the Interislander ferry. The crossing was very calm which came as a surprise given the stories we had heard from previous trips. The ferry pulls around the headland from Wellington and crosses the sea fairly quickly. The next two hours are spent navigating through the Marlborough Sounds before pulling into a pretty little town called Picton. We had some great views when crossing as the water was really still and the sun was shining. We even saw a couple of dolphins pass by. Once we had reclaimed our rucksacks (yes - on a ferry in NZ you have to check-in your luggage) we found our Magic Bus waiting just outside the ferry office and set off for Nelson. The scenery had become endless fields of ... read more
Mark and his wine-tasting face
Beach mussel
Kayaking Abel Tasman

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson October 12th 2012

Wow, it is sooo green here and it's raining!!! Haven't seen rain like this since I left in March. Funny the things you miss. Was listening to Kim Hill on National Radio this morning at the European Book Fair where she was interviewing one of the key people who put the NZ Pavillion together. So much of the writing that comes from NZ is rooted in our passionate relationship with the landscape. That just rang a bell with me and is so true. How I miss the sea, the hills, the look of the landscape. Should that stop me from leaving here and exploring different parts of the world? No, because I can always come home to this magnificent beautiful country of ours. Took 6 days and went to League City just south of Houston and ... read more

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